You’re Invited!!

So, every year I celebrate my birthday. Usually, that celebration involves getting a few cards, maybe a tiny bit of money, and having numerous people tell me that classic, “Happy Birthday!!” This year, I want to try something different. BUT I need your help!

I am turning 25 and so I want a party. A big one. Ok, maybe not that big… but loads of fun! I have put out an open invitation; however, I now want to close it up so I can start planning for a specific number. I don’t expect that everyone I want to be there will actually go. There are lots of reasons why someone might not want to go and, of course, there are people who can’t go. Below is the info on the party. If you want to go after going through everything, email me at to let me know. I know I asked some of you to do this before but I need you to do it again… at this email address. Please and thank you. :) Ok, so enough fluff. Here is the info…

WHO: You hopefully! There will be people from all different groups of my friends so it will be fun to mingle and make new friends.

WHERE: Springfield, MO (location will be announced to only those attending)

WHEN: March 6, 2010 from 7-10pm

WHAT: ALICE IN WONDERLAND INSPIRED COSTUME PARTY!!! Before you get freaked out about trying to figure out what character you need to be, please realize that you don’t have to be a character. I want everyone to be able to figure out a costume without having to buy much, if anything.

So, let me elaborate a little and show you some ideas or inspiration. Every story has its main characters. The ones that stick out and give a meaning to the account being told. However, if you have an imagination, you realize that the story can be 3-dimmensional in the fact that there are thousands of other characters in the story that aren’t even being brought to the surface. That the scene described through the text is just one side of an amazingly fun world. You begin to imagine what these other characters are like. Which ones are mean and which are nice. What they look like or what they could add to the story. Maybe they even have their own story to tell…

Why am I going on about this? Because, that is what I want you to take into consideration when figuring out your costume for my party. I want you to dress as a character… one of your own. Take bits of this wonderful story and let it inspire you to make a costume that brings life to the characters that are oft forgotten or even ones that have yet to be created! I guess it is more of a “WE’RE ALL MAD HERE” theme more than just a general Alice theme. I can guarantee you can do this with just grabbing pieces from your wardrobe and adding items from your home. If you want to go out and buy stuff, have fun… but you definitely don’t have to. :)

Here are some photos I found of different interpretations of the main characters of Alice in Wonderland. Feel free to let these inspire you. :)

So, there are some images I pulled to try to help you with some ideas. (I want those animal masks!!) I want everyone to get really excited about this! And keep in mind, there will be a photo booth style set-up! :))

I am also planning on seeing this movie sometime that weekend. It comes out on my birthday!!!

That is all of the info I can really give right now. I don’t want to get into decoration talk and all of that. Please email me at if you have any questions or want to go. I am closing the open invitation on Monday, March 1 at 5pm. Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for the party, whether it be decorations, party favors, etc. :))

love, scout

* All photos found on

  1. gosh, y do u guys have to live SO far away!!!!!!!!!!!
    We would totally come!!!
    dang it!!!

    so… just come see us soon… k?

  2. Shieri said:

    that sounds perfectly fun, erin! :) unfortunately, i can’t join your wonderful birthday party as i live the other side of the world.. :( i wish i could, really!

    • Dang, I would have loved for you to come. :)

  3. leah j said:

    You know I want to go but sadly I can’t because I still live in the fl. But I was alice for halloween hahahah :)

  4. Amanda said:

    That looks awesome! I’m totally jealous because I would love to do an AiW themed party but I know most of my friends would not show up for it :( I wish I didn’t have plans that weekend so that I could drive out and go! (I would too lol)

  5. oh my god i wish i lived closer so i could play dress up with you! sounds like so much fun!

  6. Looks like such a blast! Wish I was in MO! Have FUN!

  7. Looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to see fun pictures of people’s costumes!

  8. Lisa said:

    I wish I could join, but I’ll be leaving to go back home to O’Fallon on the 5th :(

    • :-( Well, maybe we can get you all dressed up for a shoot sometime soon. :)

  9. Rachel Dildy said:


  10. Eloise said:

    Hey Erin,
    Ok wow we are so similar! I’m having an “Unbirthday” party for my 25th this Sat 27th Feb. My birthday is the 2nd of March. I’m hosting a nice little dinner party for about 12 close friends and we’re all going to wear crazy hats! I love the idea of your party and wish I could come, but since I live in Australia not Springfield…
    Oh you could play some card games with giant cards, or have a giant chess game on the lawn or play crochet, drink tea and talk in riddles. I wish you all the best for your party, I hope you meet some great new friend and enjoy being 25!
    I’ve blogged about mine here:
    PS, I really love your haircut, its wonderful!

  11. margot said:

    i for reallll wish i could comeeee!!

    • I knooooow! That would have been even more fun!

  12. jennifer said:

    Ooooooo if I lived there I would so be coming! I love Alice and Wonderland :)

  13. craftyfox said:

    Aww, I wish I could come but obviously being in the UK scuppers that plan. I’ll be partying too as you’re party is one my birthday! Yay!!! xx

  14. Jackie said:

    eek i SO wish i lived near there so i could come. such an awesome idea you’re going to have an amazing party! xoxo

  15. chelsea said:

    I hope you have so much fun! Alice in Wonderland is one of the coolest themes ever.

  16. :) erin said:

    sounds wonderful! have so much fun and take lots of pictures of everyone’s outfits. sorry, can’t make it from juneau, ak.


  17. amy lapi said:

    omg. i am beyond stoked. :)))))))

    i can’t WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Haley said:

    I forgot, and just now saw this!
    But, you know I’m coming :)

  19. awww!!! sounds great!!!
    Alice in wonderland is a perfect theme!
    I want to go!!! hahaha
    I just have to travel from Spain, and not to get lost looking for Springfield.
    now seriously, hope you have the best birthday!!!
    I have so much fun reading your blog! so so funny!

    (sorry if english mistakes…)


    • So, maybe I should visit Spain for a birthday. :)

  20. Sofie said:

    Oh, i would have love to come (another reason to dress up like alice in wonderland) but i live 16 hours away… that sucks!

  21. skunkboy said:

    Totally coming and totally excited. Love you.

  22. skunkboy said:

    Oh, yeah… I just reminded Hope today and she squealed and clapped. She is also excited. ;)

  23. Deena Smulski said:

    Erin, You are so creative! Unfortunately, I wont be able to make it but this sounds fabulous! I hope you have a blast and Happy Birthday. :)

  24. emily said:

    I think we have the same birthday. Happy Birthday!!

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