Amy in the Basement

So, I just wanted to stop by and share a few photos of Amy that I took this evening. Not all would be considered favorites of mine from this shoot, but I thought I would share anyway. Can you guess which one I am in love with?!? :)

I cannot wait to edit the rest of the photos from this fun time, but I must sleep a while. Stay tuned for I have lots more to show you! :)

love, scout

  1. Suz said:

    Erin, these are gorgeous.

    I adore the first one.

    Nice location to use as well. Simple colours but still with the grungy look

    Love the work

    • Thanks! We used my new basement which was really convenient. :)

  2. Jackie said:

    omg i love them! what pretty pictures :)

    • Thanks! I have to say I was really, really proud when I first posted these. :)

  3. jamie said:

    Gorgeous!!! I love the first one too!!!!

  4. chelsea said:

    these are so pretty! i love the way her hair stands out against all of the neutral colors

  5. :) erin said:

    love the mood and the vibe that these pictures elude, gorg!

    • Thank you so much! I worked a bit on making everything perfect before the shoot so that is a great compliment to me. :)

    • I know! We both fit into it which was weird because that is so unlikely with vintage stuff. ha

  6. Jamie said:

    so beautiful! the pictures are SO GOOD & her hair is amazing!

  7. AlliT said:

    These are all great Erin!! I love your new place… Congrats on moving in!! Hope you love it!!

  8. Doro said:

    Oh, wow…
    These shots are great!
    And the dress is too wonderful to stand!!!!!!
    I wish I would have that!!!

    • I found that dress by chance, not even looking for one, at my favorite vintage store. :)

  9. JenCoen said:

    Wow! That first photo is amazing! I love it Erin!!

  10. wonderful pics yet again Erin!! Great job! So pretty!!!

  11. Johanna said:

    Beautiful pics! Love the sultry look in the last one!

    • Yeah, this is a big step forward from the first shoot with her. :) So proud.

  12. Anna said:

    Hi Erin! I’ve been looking at your blog tonight and you are so cool. That’s all I wanted to say.

  13. Livi said:

    oh my goodness great photography!

  14. amy lapi said:

    the first one?? these are gorgeous. i wish it was ME amy!! :) hehe.

  15. Lisa said:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Great job

    • Thanks! I worked pretty hard at getting everything together that night. ha

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