Photo Booth Fun Times #2

That is all the photos for now. One more post to go and I will be done with all of these photos. Yay!!

What did you all do today?

love, scout

  1. Haha! Love them all!
    I really love the 7th one (from the top) – it’s looks so real and beautiful…almost like a movie still! :D

    • Really? I was soooo sick in that photo. I could barely talk. haha But thanks.

  2. Adele Chalker said:

    I just laughed my head off at the 3 pics taken with the squeeze/stretch effects.HAHAHA They’re awesome arent they – I have tonnes of crazy pics like that too

    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Gesine said:

    You are freakin adorable! :)

  4. Katja said:

    i love your photobooth pictures, erin <3 sweeeeeet!

    i came home at 2 PM today, and then i took a nap (longer than i wanted ^^) and at 6 PM, i needed to go buy some food and stuff for the next week. then, i had dinner with aleks aaaaaaaand then, we watched some tv together, and now it's 3 minutes past midnight and he's lying on the sofa, sleeping! haha, i won! :D

    love you <3

  5. you are sooooo adorable! i love the photos where you hair is all messy! and the one with the m&ms makes you look like your 12! so cute!

    • I was sick in that photo! Ha! Thanks all the same. :)

  6. amy lapi said:

    lol! great shots. oooh… m&ms……

    ps your eyes are INCREDIBLE!

  7. More awesome photo booth shots (yay!) The one where you’re holding a bag of M&M’s is similar to one I’ve seen on Katie countless times! :)

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