A Little Note.

Hey you,

I know we haven’t talked in a while… Like a week. I have missed you, I promise. I have just been busy with moving and working. I am hopefully going to be around more. I know it doesn’t mean much now, but you’ll see. I’ll stick around and I will try to keep you more updated. So, what do you say? Will you forgive me?

Love, me


Here are some photos I have snapped since we got our keys to our new place!

View from front door: A=dining area. B=living area.

View from far living area wall: A=front door. B=craft area.

View from dining area (left): A=bedroom. B=craft area. C=living area. D=bathroom.

View from dining area (right): A=dining area. B=kitchen. C=Willard.

View from bedroom: A=bedroom. B=closet. C=bathroom.

This is probably my favorite feature of the whole place. I love the bathroom tile floor!

This was taken when we first started moving everything in. We had our work cut out for us (and still do).

So far, we have managed to put the furniture in places we can stand them and boxes in places where we can move around easily. We love it here already!!

I was sooooo busy this last week! It was a wonderful sort of busy, though. I started this week with a new hair dye. I love how bright my hair is now! :)

How have you all been? What have you done? Fill me in! :-)

love, scout

P.S. I promise to be back with more posts shortly!

  1. Danielle said:

    I love your hair color so much! The new place look awesome too- congrats:)

  2. ails said:

    Your new home is lovely Erin! I hope you’ll give us another tour when you’re done decorating it. ^_^ and i like your new hair color too!

    • Oh yes! I can’t wait to do a little apartment tour. :)

  3. Jeremy said:

    ahhh. seriously?? the windows?? amazing. imagine all the pretty daylight for taking pics. the wood floors – perfect.

    this place is so fantastic. no wonder you were so excited to move into it. hell, i’d move in. haha.


    • I am pretty sure this is my favorite comment in a long time. Thanks, Jeremy. :) <3

  4. Jonette said:

    Oh wow! Congratulations, the place looks great! Good choice, you two. The place holds so much potential. Here’s to truly turning into into a cozy home! :)

  5. vera said:

    wow erin it looks great! i love the doors with the glass frames in them, sooo cute :) Decorating a new house takes a lot of time, but it’s worth it ;)
    Wishing you all the best at your new home :) XO.

    ps love the color of your hair!!

    • It is worth it. We are up for the challenge, too. :)

  6. Carol said:

    Your new place looks really awesome! I would love to see what it looks like when you are finished unpacking and decorating!

    • Yes, I am planning on doing a tour after it’s decorated. :)

  7. Kelile said:

    ohmygoodnes!! im soooo excited for yall. the place is beautiful and im reallyyyyy loving that bright red hair on you! looks awesome!
    congrats on the new place!!!

  8. Amanda said:

    I love your new place! It has good bones and you’ll make it so cute!

    • Thanks. I hope we can make it as cute as we would like.

  9. Love it, Erin!!! It’s so cute!! Can’t wait to see it all fixed up! Love that doorway that’s arched on top! And that tile is great!!! WooHoo!!! Love your hair color too, but I already told you that. ;)

    • Thanks, thanks, thanks! :)) You get to see it in like a month.

  10. your new place looks so beautiful! congratulations!

  11. vivianna said:

    your new place looks amazing! I’ve missed you…like a lot!

    • I have missed you. A lot as well. I can’t wait to see you. I have got to do something about that. ;)

  12. CaL said:

    i love the floors! the bathroom tile & the dark wood! how fun is that?! & your new hair color?! lovely! have fun decorating & such! =)

  13. Erin!!! It’s lovely. I’m soo glad you found such a perfect place. Congratulations!

  14. chelsea said:

    your apartment looks so cute. i am moving in about three months into my first apartment ever on my own and this makes me so excited!

    • Oh yay! I am really excited for you! I hate the moving process but love the idea of starting fresh. :)

  15. wow your new place looks really nice!! So fun. I’ll be doing the same thing in April. :):)
    Congrats and happy unpacking!

    • I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to see all the cuteness you bring to your home. :)

  16. LOVE the new place. it looks so charming and cozy!

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