Fun, Fun, Fun!

That is how I can describe the time spent at a shoot with my new friend, Matthew. He needed some photos for some really awesome stuff he is involved in. That is where I came in; however, if you know me, we didn’t stop there. We ended up hanging out and taking photos for over 4 hours and getting some of the best shots I think I have captured to date. I am so thankful that I was able to work with him. Will was so great, too! He came and helped a lot. We work so great together as a team. :)))) I think that we all will be doing some great stuff together in the future. Here are some of the shots from yesterday. Let me know what you think! :)

I am really wanting to schedule more shoots. Right now, my rates are pretty low. I am up for traveling as well, if needed (within reason). I am also trying to dabble in a little bit of everything for a bit to figure out what direction I want to head as far as style and whatnot. Feel free to email me for more information at erinsundayphoto[at]gmail[dot]com. I don’t bite and I will work with you on things. :)

In other news, I am currently taking custom orders for the headband styles in my etsy shop. If you have a different idea for headbands or photo prints, go ahead and ask me about it. I may just try it out for you. :)

love, scout

  1. Katie said:

    These are so wonderful Erin!!!!!

  2. skunkboy said:

    They are gorgeous, Erin! You are getting better and better and better and better…
    Thumbs UP. xo

  3. aga said:

    he should smile sometimes ;p but your pics are great!

    • haha yeah. a smile wouldn’t hurt i suppose.

  4. These are awesome, Erin!!! (he’s a cutie!)
    I looove seeing your photos that you take! I CAN’T WAIT for you to do my family’s!!!

  5. Kelile said:

    awesome pictures!
    come to jax to visit and we can do a fun photoshoot!!lol

  6. Look at you rocking out that lighting!! Your doing great!

  7. rosa said:

    Very pretty pictures! His eyes are so blue!

  8. AlliT said:

    Gorgeous lighting Erin!!! Love it…

    If you ever want to head up to St. Louis I have some rambunctious cuuuuuuuuute boys that you could “try” to capture… :) Keep up the great work and love the new photos!! YAY!!!

  9. hellosweetworld said:

    These are awesome. You’re such a great photographer!

    • That is such a compliment coming from you. :)

  10. Awesome photos!!! I love them! Maybe once I get closer to finishing school, towards the end of this year, I can set a shoot up with you…for fun and for business reasons too! Plus, it’d be a great excuse to see you after how ever many years it’s been!
    Again, amazing photos! oxoxo

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