It was a Good Day.

I had the best day! I slept in, which my sick little body needed. I then went to a meeting pertaining to a really fun, secret project I am working on! At 2pm, I met up with a super cool guy for a photo shoot. It lasted over 4 hours and was constantly fun. I was so excited about the photos we got, that I went to Starbucks to start editing. HOWEVER, this happened (see photo below).

It was worth it. It was nice to finally chat with some friends like this. Although, it turned rather interesting for a bit. ;)

I did end up editing and I am so excited to show you!! It must wait a little while, though. :) Off to bed for me!

What did you do tonight?

love, scout

  1. janel said:

    Yay!! i had so much fun:)
    i love you <3

  2. So glad you joined in!!!! You & Will are so much fun!!!
    Hope you have a wonderfully awesome Thursday!!!
    Love you!!! xoxo

  3. Lehua said:

    we need to do that more often!
    tons of fun!!

    xoxo, lehua

    • We do! It was definitely a highlight of my day. :)

  4. rosa said:

    I went to see a beautiful documentary with one of my best friends and then spent a few hours in a cozy coffee shop chatting. I’m jealous of your 13 friends-at-a-time chat-a-thon, though!

    • But yours is soooo cute! I want to sit in a coffee shop and chat! :)

  5. Carol said:

    haha that was so much fun! It was probably the best chat we ever had on there!

  6. Carrie said:

    I just want to stop by and say Hi I was on the chat last night but I don’t think we were formally introduce so Hey!

    It was really fun I hope you join in again :D

    Carrie aka brinoah

  7. that’s adorable!! I love that you all chatted from all over the place!

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