Early Spring Already??

Good morning! I hope you are excited about the day as much as I am. It is going to be jammed full of fun stuff! I just wanted to stop in really quick to show you a few photos I took the other day. It was soooo nice out that Will and I decided to spend some time at the park across the street from our loft. :)

Happy Wednesday! I will be back soon! :)))

love, scout

  1. rosa said:

    I am so jealous that you live in a loft! Pretty pictures!

    • It is a great place but horrible neighborhood so we are moving. :-/

  2. AlliT said:

    Love the pretty blue sky in the 3rd picture… Wish I could see one soon… Feels like it has been forever… Darn winter… :) Can’t wait for spring… Hope you have a great day!!!

    And I thought you *just* moved? Moving again?

    • We moved last February. We are moving next Monday to an apartment. We are excited. :)

      • AlliT said:

        Awesome!!! I hope it is flippin’ fantastic!!!!

      • Thanks!

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