Tell It On Tuesday, Life Update.

Hey folks! Here are some photos from the past couple of weeks. I hope you enjoy them! :)

Banana bread and men in aprons!

Cuddly kitten time.

Good news…

Like jump-for-joy good news.

Eesh! Maybe I got a little too excited. haha

Bow ties!

Early mornings (yawn). Spending time at Starbucks and watching the cute barista from just the right distance. :)

Finding a new home!!!

Spending a lot more time with this fella!

He has started to draw again. It makes my heart happy!

Playing with squirrels!

Finding these cute foxes at one of my new favorite vintage stores! A couple days later, I went thrifting with the beautiful Rachel. We both found some great stuff. We also went to Fulton with a super cute family, and found treasures. The photos below are of what I found this week. (The foxes are included in the photos… just because.)

Here are some photos from Will’s birthday trip to Camdenton and Fulton. :)

Ha! Ha! I can’t get over that last photo. I am so happy I was able to snap it. All of these photos were taken by Will, Katie, or me. I really have enjoyed January as a whole, despite the stress. It’s not over yet, either!

Oh, and I didn’t forget it was Tuesday. So, my favorite food is Italian. :))

How has your week been so far?

love, scout

  1. Great photos! The one of Will in the apron is classic. Um, I’ve always wanted to go to that HUGE, tacky Ozark kitschy gifts and fudge building in Camdenton. We used to drive through there on our way to see Brett’s family when they lived in Jeff city. Brett would never let me.

    • Ha! I have never heard of it! We should plan a trip to go. You, Katie, me, maybe Elsie(?). Let’s do it! :))

  2. elsie said:

    i found some foxes like that this week too. our stars are crossing or something ;)) xo

    • Oh! Did you find them at Funtiques?? That is where I found mine. There were two sets but I only bought one. :)

  3. skunkboy said:

    Haha! OZARKLAND!!!! I was just telling Elsie about it. You should all come for fudge and Ozarks souvenirs… and maybe a crystal unicorn or two. :D

  4. skunkboy said:

    P.S. Whatchoo gonna do with all of those records???

  5. Carol said:

    I love the photos! Looks like you are having a nice January! Love the kitty!! I want one!

    • Cats are easier than dogs; although, i miss my pup. I have had a wonderful January, thanks. :))

  6. Mandi said:

    Love LOVE! Your jump for joy pictures made me happy :) As did the buttons and the happy birthday face :D Awesomeness!!

  7. Jeremy said:

    omg. i would love to take home that whole entire wash basin full of buttons. or since i probably couldn’t do that i’d spend an awful long time putting my hands in them and picking them up and choosing just the right ones :)


    • That’s what I did! haha I spent at least 30 minutes in front of that bin. I could have stayed all day if I didn’t have others with me. :)

  8. ails said:


    Will in apron is sooo sweet and i love your bow tie face and you jump-for-joy shots! And i wish we had vintage stores like that here too. :)

    • Yeah they are great! I wish you had them as well.

  9. mel said:

    hello! i’m visiting (tho not for the first time) from aquafrolic today – thanks for the links to your fave photographers – i’ve gotten a few ideas from zack’s blog.
    i’m curious about your opinion on a photographer-starting-out issue.
    if you have a second –
    it may be something that you’ve thought about too, i’d love to hear what you think.
    otherwise, keep up the good work :)

    • Hello! I will check out your blog and email you later. :)

  10. you are SO CUTE! omg. i love all your happy. thanks for sharing.

    and i looooove that suitcase – what a find!


    • I love it too! It’s in fantastic shape and we only paid $9 for it!

  11. hellosweetworld said:

    Hehe. Fun photos. And buttons! I’m recently obsessed with buttons. Yikes!

  12. Haha! I’m not slow at reading blog feeds or anything – I swear . However, I did finally catch up on Will’s a few minutes ago and I’m trying to get through yours now :) I love the photos in this one and we haven’t forgotten the good news (I think about it at least daily!) We bought into a timeshare this past month and once we finish the down payment (probably early next month) we _may_ be able to get an awesome place in NYC for an entire week for only $200! We’re keeping our fingers crossed (if not we’ll figure something out for May somehow!)

    Soooo excited and hoping life gets better and better for you guys! You two deserve some good luck ;)

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