Sunday Best, Vacation Week

Hey there! I have decided to take a vacation from Sunday Best this week because, well, this week was a bit on the sucky side. Don’t get me wrong! There were very beautiful things that happened this week. The bad, unfortunately took all my energy so I wanted to save the next post to be an amazing one! I guess that is a double bonus because it creates a challenge for me to make this next week such a great one. :-)

Anyway, I didn’t want to go without posting something. Tonight, I stumbled upon some old photos I took back when I was living in Florida (I think one  was from California.) I thought I would share. :))

I miss Florida a lot sometimes. I tried some things and learned a lot while I was there. I held my first Nikon in Florida. It was love from the beginning. :)

This photo was taken right after I moved back to Springfield. Seeing this really makes me miss my dark hair. It also makes me even more impatient for my long hair to come back to me! I told the boy that I wouldn’t die my hair back until I grew it out and saw the length with the red. It is soooo hard, though! ha

I hope you all had a wonderful week and even better weekend. Get ready… the work week is almost here! :-)

love, scout

  1. Man, bet it makes you miss florida all the more since your pipes have still been frozen. :(

    • Ha! Yeah, exactly! It’s times like these… ;-)

    • Thanks! Yeah, I miss it being nice weather most of the year. It was hardly ever too hot for me. :)

  2. chelsea said:

    Haha, I just dyed my hair from red to dark dark brown, and I can’t decide which I like better on myself either!

    • I bet it looks great either way. You are cute enough that it probably doesn’t matter as much as on some people. :)

    • Jacksonville and then spent a small bit of time in Rockledge visiting friends a lot. My aunt lives in Palm Coast so I also visited her quite often.

  3. Carol said:

    Those pictures are making me wish I was on a beach! It’s so cold and a warm beach sounds like the perfect solution! :)

    • Aww yeah. I kind of wish for beach weather right now. I would settle for Spring. ;-)

  4. Kelile said:

    oh my goodness! i totally recognize those places!! i’ve lived in jax for the past 4 years!! small world! that’s sooo awesome!

    • Ah! That is soooo cool! haha Wow! If I make it down there, I will have to visit with you.

      • Kellie said:

        yes, you must!

  5. Jamie said:

    i loveee your hair so dark! prettyyyy!! the red is good too…i’ve been thinking i need a change from the red…

    • Yeah, I am getting really tired of the red. I think because it is so hard to keep up with. I am trying to be patient. haha

  6. cute. I love the dark hair. but i also love your short red hair. :) change is great.

    • Thanks! I have decided that I am going to grow it out and then decide which color I would like. :)

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