Tell It On Tuesday, Week 9

I spent some time with one of my bestest buds tonight… And we took photos…

So, here’s the thing… I’ve decided a final date/time for the next shop update. It will be TOMORROW at 6pm! :)

I hope you all stop by the shop and see what we have. I am happy with this update and hope that it goes well. Please let me know what you think, at least, if you can’t buy anything. I love you guys! :)

What did you all do tonight? I will post more photos later (probably Sunday) from tonight.

love, scout

  1. skunkboy said:

    Hahaha… these are hilarious… and slightly frightening…

    • Yeah… they make me really happy. I am glad tonight was a good one for both of us. :)

  2. Ha! Too cute. Love it. Excited to check out your shop tooo!

  3. Carol said:

    haha! love the photos! and I can’t wait to see the shop update!

    • Thanks, Jenny! They made editing these photos even more fun!

  4. Awesome! Great lighting as well!!! Look forward to seeing what you drop on ETSY!

  5. Kelile said:

    hahaha, too funny. can’t wait for the update! :) love your stuff.

  6. jamie said:

    Seriously the best photos eva!!!! You two are soooo flippin’ adorable!
    Love the speech bubbles.

    Can’t wait to see your update!!! Have a happy day!!! xo

    • Aww, yeah it was something that just popped into my head while looking at them. ha

  7. you guys are adorable. :) The headbands look soooo good.
    ps: did Katie get that panda bear brooch at Funtiques?! I almost bought it when we were there… so cuuute!

    • Thanks! Yes, she got it there. Actually, Johnny got it for her from there. :))

  8. Leslie Dutton said:

    Looove the pics! Too cute! Can’t wait to check out the goodies, but sad that I can’t buy anything right now (dang bills!). You rock, Erin!

    • Aww, well if you ever want me to make a custom order for you, I’d be happy to!

  9. Amy said:

    These pictures are amazing. I really love the new headbands too. So cute!

  10. efratkashat said:

    Hahaha… these are so funny!
    And i love what you both wear. Especially the shirt with the leaves…. *Sigh*…….. I love leaves. I really do :).

    Your Etsy shop is so cute! I love the headbands with the buttons! Especially the Woodland and the Snowflake! They are so, so pretty. I would love to buy them, but I can’t right now… Just wanted to let you know they are amazing!!

    • Thanks so much! I got that shirt at UO, in case you wanted to know. :) And any time you want me to make a custom order for you, I would be happy to. :))

  11. this is toooooo cute. too cute. you girls are the best.

    • Aww thanks! I can’t wait for all of us to hang out!

  12. hahaha the pics are so funny!!
    i really love all your photos! are always great!

    love from spain!

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