Oh, So Soon!

Good day to you all! How were your mornings? I have been up since 5am working away. It’s been fun but I am ready for a nap. No time for that, though! I am having a fun few hours at RVA and then (finally) picking up my car. From there, I somehow have to manage updating our etsy shop and get to a meeting all before 6pm. Ha! Crazy! We will see how I do. I am finished with editing all the photos for the update which I think is the longest part. I thought I would show you a couple favorites. :)

And now… we wait. ;-)

Our update is happening tonight right around 6pm. Please check it out and let me know what you think!! :)

love, scout

  1. Lehua said:

    oooooo i’m loving the pictures and those headbands are to die for.
    now i’m excited for the update!!!

  2. Mandy said:

    hey hey hey :]
    I’m excited for your update tonight!! you gots skillz gurrrrl.
    so. I’m thinking my blog looks pretty bare without an Erin Sunday blog button. think you can hook me up?

    • That means a lot coming from you. I am working on the blog buttons. They will come soon! promise!

  3. anna said:

    oh wow I want each one of those adorable headbands!! can’t wait for the update :)

  4. Kelile said:

    love it all!!! i think i’m gonna have to get one of those headbands!! :)
    wow you sound insanely busy! hope you get it all done (and get a power nap somewhere in there too!!)

    • Yeah, I have been super busy. Thanks for the etsy love. :))

  5. vivianna said:

    I love your headbands! I might just have to buy one soon ;)

  6. Janae said:

    These photos are really great Erin! So simple & sweet. I love them

    • Thanks so much! That is a big compliment from you. :)

  7. i love these so much… i’ve been making lots of my own (i posted them a few days back) and now i feel bad about it! lol they look so similar! but i guess you could never have too many creative accessories in the world. :D

    • Very true. I need to see yours! You can tell that I have been too busy this week that I am not on top of things. ha

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