Sunday Best, Week 9

Hey all! I’ll show you what made my week great but first…

the not-so-great.

My sister was putting dishes in the dishwasher the other night and didn’t realize that one container was full of hand soap. Then, Will turned on the dishwasher later and… well, you can guess the rest. Ha! Funny now… not then.

I took this photo while waiting to be picked up at the park. It was freezing! My car decided to die after we played in the park today. No warning signs leading to this. Just death. We don’t get it. We think it’s something electrical. We did all the obvious things to check what the problem could be and got nothing. So, tomorrow we are getting it towed to a service place. This means no birthday road trip for us. :-( Anyway, my wonderful boyfriend walked home to get his truck and pick us up. I love him.

Okay, now for the good stuff. :-)

We woke up to pretty snow early in the day but it melted by the afternoon. Luckily, I took some photos before it was gone. :)

One of my favorite people added my banner to the side of her blog. This led to a couple other pretties putting me on their blogs, and others asking for a banner. At the moment, I have no clue how to get the code for you to do it, but if you email me, I will try to email you in the next few days. Also, thanks Elsie, Katie, and James for being so sweet! :)

I had the privilege of playing with this little one while my friend got her hair fixed for her wedding. I even made her smile! Cutest 7-week-old I know!

I decided to work at living more of a life that is better for me, others around me, and my environment. It has spawned a lazy attitude about fixing myself up, though. haha Back to tomboy mode I guess!

I met and had a just-for-fun shoot with the gorgeous and charming Amy. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite new friends. She inspires me (which I haven’t told her yet) to really work toward what I want. I am so excited for the things we will do this year!

Will got some shots in as well. ;-)

I turned our living room into a yarn, feather, and button explosion.

It was well worth it because I made a much improved (cuter) version of these headbands to go in our etsy shop. We are hopefully having an update Tuesday morning! :-)

Jackie, Will, and I went and played in the snow today. It was a good time for the most part. :-) We took photos, of course.

So, that is how the week went. It was mostly wonderful. How was yours? What great things did you do/accomplish?

love, scout

  1. Amy said:

    Awhhh! Erin that’s so cute. I hope you know that you’ve inspired me to work harder too!!
    I love you Erin!! :]
    Hang again soon, and meet kori?
    I think so!

  2. Jamie said:

    Ok, I want your blog button fo sho!

    You look beautiful whether you think you’re dressed like a tomboy or not!

    I have been scheming on twitter with emjay to see you sooooon! for your birthday party! And I can’t wait!!!! (& those were not proper sentences but I don’t care! I’m excited!) hehehe So we must hang out more this time!

    Hope your car gets fixed and that it’s nothing major!!!
    Love all the pics!!!
    Hope your first Monday of the new year goes awesomely!!!
    Love you! xoxo

    • I am so excited to see all of you. Like, I’ve not been this excited about something in a really, really long time. I love you sooo much!

  3. amy lapi said:

    oh i’ve been collecting blog buttons.. i would love to share yours on my blog. :)

  4. Ashley said:

    I would definitely add your button. :)

    And yay for making new, inspiring friends.

    Happy 2010!

  5. ugh! so sorry about all the appliance/vehicle malfunctions.

    maybe something EVEN BETTER!!! will happen in place of your planned trip. you never know what life has in store.

    as for everything else? your sweet way of living life makes me smile. thanks for being an inspiration to ME.

    • Aww, well I guess we inspire each other then. ;-)

  6. Lehua said:

    oh goodness. the same thing happened to our dishwasher. sooooo not a fun clean up.

    hopefully your car will get better in no time.
    wishing for the best!!

    • I am glad someone understands the pain of the dishwasher mishap. ha!

  7. Carol said:

    I would love to add your button to my blog! I love that feather headband! It’s pretty!

  8. janel said:

    I am so sorry to hear about your car. LAME!
    but I will say that the rest of these pics look pretty awesome … even the dishwasher :) It reminds me of a movie or something.
    I can’t wait to see more of your fun fun creations.
    P.S. I am sooooo going to your birthday party!!

  9. kimsunday said:

    Haha, that dishwasher overflowing bubble pick made me smile. :o)

    Anyone who’s car breaks down and they say their week was mostly good is definitely someone I need more in my life. Wish it was possible. :o) Working on getting my own car so maybe soon.

    Love and miss you so much sis.

    P.S. Will you make my site pretty?

    • Yes, I need to try to be in your life more. I am working hard to get it there. :)
      I love you so, so much. Praying for you, sweets.

      And yes, I will. In fact, the next time I see you… we should make that a goal. :-D

  10. ails said:

    I love to add your button on my blog too Erin! I’m sooo glad you have 1 already. ^_^

    • Thanks so much! I will work on this soon!

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