A Little Surprise…

I awoke this morning to a blanket of snow covering everything outside my window. It was the good kind of snow, too! I wanted to play but knew I had work to do. So, I pouted while getting ready. After walking to my car, I realized that I needed to let my car defrost a bit… and a smile was slapped across my face! I ran inside after turning on my car, grabbed my camera and headed back out to go on a mini walk for a few minutes. I didn’t even leave my front lawn. In fact, I think the best photo I took was the one I shot standing on our “welcome mat.” (I put that term in quotations because it is hardly a mat at all, but a piece of carpet that was on the porch when we moved in. Ahh, we are a resourceful bunch!)  ;-)

There is really only one thing I would change about this photo if I could. However, I was quite surprised to see how this turned out and think it just might be one of my new favorite photos (of this kind) that I have taken to date. As I edit more from this morning, I will post them on my Flickr photostream. There are only a few, but I am really glad I took them. By noon, this snow had already melted.

In other news, Will made a fantastic new banner for our etsy shop! You should check it out! I am working on a few more headbands to go in the shop, as well as a couple more prints. I am hoping to be able to update it sometime this weekend. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know for sure. But it wouldn’t hurt to keep checking. ;-)

Finally, I want to officially announce that I am working on having an Alice in Wonderland inspired costume party in celebration of my 25th birthday! It will be March 6, 2010 and I want all friends of mine to be there! I am working out the details with a few people right now, but details are coming very soon and there is a big possibility that this may end up being a whole weekend full of really fun stuff! So, I think it would be well worth a trip here, depending on how far away you are of course. Anyway, I wanted to make the announcement because this is something I am VERY excited about and want as many people to be able to come to as possible. So, if you are seriously interested in coming or can’t come but have awesome ideas/suggestions, feel free to email me at erinsunday3.5[at]gmail[dot]com. I hope to make this the best birthday party ever! :-D

love, scout

  1. Jamie said:

    Yayyyy!!! You know I’ll be there!!! Can’t wait!!!

  2. skunkboy said:

    Count me in… and Hope… and Johnny… :)

  3. Pretty picture!! And we both have the same birthday (that is if the party i actually on your birthday!) because I’ll be 25 on the 6th too!!! Very cute idea for the party!!!

    • March 5 is my birthday. You are invited (of course) but I imagine that you have other fun festivities planned. :)

      • Katie said:

        Actually I will be studying… I have my 2day boards on the 16th/17th so I’ll have to celebrate after those r over! If I survive!!! But thanks for the invite! :-) I’m sure it will be a blast!

      • No problem. :-)

  4. MJ said:

    i’m trying to work things out with my trip to winnipeg, and time off of work and stuff. but i really want to make it there! :] i’m seriously going to try my hardest!

    • Ok, no hard feelings if you can’t make it. But if you can… we can also turn you into a fox during your stay. ;-)

  5. Mandy said:

    I am totally there!!! :]

  6. amy lapi said:

    blog banner=awesome.
    party theme=awesome.
    me in springfield for your bday=priceless. (couldn’t resist.)

    • Really? You really are coming?!? Woah! I am excited!!

  7. Ivy said:

    Oh, I am so interested to see your plans as I am planning the same party, for THAT SAME weekend (my birthday is march 4th) for my 30th birthday! Will be looking forward to seeing posts!

    • Aww yay! I am glad you are looking forward to it!

  8. Kristin said:

    that’s the cutest new etsy banner ever! And yay for theme party! And Alice in Wonderland! Can’t wait to see it all.

  9. Kimi said:

    Omgodness omgoodness
    I am going to try and make it.
    Might be driving by myself
    unless I can talk someone into going with me!
    I really hope so!

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