Sunday Best, Week 8

This week was so full of family! I loooooved it! Here are a few photos of my favorite moments from it.

1. Stuffing my face with tons and tons of food.

2. Driving (with the boy) to a place where I am practically unreachable. :-)

3. Crocheting up a storm. I sold all but one headband in my etsy shop! Trying to make more and fast. :-)

4. Bowling and spending time with the boy (SO CUTE!)…

… and his wonderful family!

5. Hanging out with his niece (so much fun)! She has grown too quickly since I first met her. ;-)

6. Capturing moments like this. It is really my favorite thing to do. Everybody was surprised I managed to snap a photo of Will’s dad smiling. :-)

7. Finding something unique in the ordinary.

8. Realizing (again) that God makes all things beautiful.

9. Playing in the snow with the love of my life. (I love it when he smiles, so I was ecstatic to capture this!)

10. Having a very white Christmas!!!

I enjoyed this trip so much! There are many other photos, which I will share later, but this is it for now. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break. What was your favorite moment(s)?

love, scout

*All photos were taken by me except for the one of me crocheting (which was taken by Will).

  1. Danny said:

    He’s so cute. Ha ha.

  2. Love what you captured! Our favorite moment this year had to be that of it being our lil baby girl’s 1st Christmas! At 9mo. old she was into opening gifts way more than we thought she would be! It was wonderful!


    • Aww! That is so, so, so cute!!! I am so glad that your Christmas was that good!

  3. love all of your photos–looks like you had a wonderful christmas.

    my favorite moment would probably have to be watching my 9mo. nephew being excited over all of his toys, and getting to spend time with family in general.

    • That is soooo adorable! I am happy you had fun with your nephew. Thanks for the photo compliment. :-)

  4. Looks like you had such a fun week!!! Cute pics!

  5. my favourite moment was watching my son go through his stocking and finding that Santa had brought him *exactly* what he asked for.

    the magic of Christmas is still alive in this house, yay!!!

  6. vivianna said:

    looks like you had a great holiday! You and Will are so cute!

    • Thanks! It was lovely. I hope yours was as well.

  7. The picture of Will doing the “YES” arm pull is great! Also, Will’s niece and himself look SOO much alike!

    Hope you had a very merry Christmas!

    • They are adorable together! It makes me excited for us to have children ONE DAY. haha And he was doing that arm thing every time he was happy with the outcome. It was hilarious!

  8. amy lapi said:

    awww this is sweet.. great photos too! :)
    i love the bowling ones the best.

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