Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!

Hey everyone! I wanted to write a quick post to tell you all that I will be out in the woods for the next few days (until Sunday) without internet access. I don’t even think I will get cell phone reception out there. I am actually a little excited to be getting away and just being with Will and his family. I love them so much. They are very, very special to me and I adore every chance I get to spend time with them. :) Before I go, I wanted to share a few photos I took the other night playing around with manual focus for the first time at my Dad’s.

That was a beautiful time, as well. I will miss my family so much this weekend. Christmas is always a bittersweet time for my family. Sure, it gets easier every year… but still… That is for another post. Maybe next Tuesday? We will see. :)

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Enjoy the snow if you get it and dream of it if you don’t. I truly love you all and hope to unwrap lots of comments when I return. You all brighten my days over and over and I thank you for that. :)

love, scout

P.S. I did get only a handful of cards out so far. BUT here are some of the photos I have taken with the instax so far. Yep, we love it.

    • Happy holidays, sweets! I miss you! I hope your weekend is lovely.

  1. MJ said:

    merry christmas! the photos are beautiful. enjoy your weekend away from it all and have a great holiday. :]

    love you!

    • love you, too! I will have my phone so if you need to, feel free to try to get in touch. :)

  2. Jamie said:

    Merry Christmas!!!! Hope you have a wonderful, magical time!!! xoxo

    • thanks! I hope yours is wonderful. Your family is adorable so I am sure it will be fun!

  3. Jackie said:

    beautiful photos! merry christmas! have an amazing trip :)

    • AHHHHH! I love it! They are one of my most favorite photographer couples. And Loves you! :)

  4. skunkboy said:

    Murrrrryyyyyy Christmas! You are the best. <3

    • Muuuurry Christmas back! haha

      No… YOU are the best. :)

  5. Jamie said:

    merrry christmas!
    i loveeee my new instax too! where’d you get film?? i’m almost out but no time to order online…i need more asap;)

  6. kimsunday said:

    Merry Christmas sis! Pictures look good! My fav is the third down. We could have fun with the fourth down too…making faces in shiny things. Remember “shiny things” day I had in Florida? I found everything that would reflect. That was fun. Maybe we can do it next time I’m in town? LOVE YOUUUUU!!!! P.S. What is an instax?

    • I do remember that! That was pretty fun. :) We can totally do that the next time you are here!

      An instax is a type of camera that takes instant photos. I will show you the next time I see you. You’ll love it!

  7. Carol said:

    Merry Christmas! I hope your Christmas is cozy and nice! <3

    • Thanks! It was wonderful. Hope yours was as well!!

  8. Lex said:

    aww these are really cute pics!! btw..I read a friend of yours blog that she had given you a scarf and your picture is sooo adorable. I would have done the same thing! lol
    Hope you have a happy new year beautiful!

    (maybe there’ll be a thunderstorm for you ;)

    • Haha I was a little embarrassed when I first saw that post. I think it was cute though. Thanks for the thunderstorm wishes! I think cold and rainy is just not my thing, though. I will wait until Summer. :-)

      Happy New Year!!

  9. amy lapi said:

    i got an instax too… it is my first true love!!! :)

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