Tell It On Tuesday, Week 7

I love McDonald’s.

BAH hahaha No way! Eww. I actually hate McDonald’s. The only reason why I have that cup is because I wanted a soda and it was the closest thing at the time.

I actually had a really hard time figuring out something to tell you folks this week. It kind of snuck up on me. So, Will suggested favorite holiday tradition. To be honest, I think I am all holiday-ed out for a while. I will say that I look forward to watching this sometime soon…

This is why I love Christmas. haha

Oh! And I watched this movie recently and I have to say…

Spock is hot!

Yeah… haha

Anyway, I am going to work on some photo editing until I pass out. What suggestions do you have for Tuesday topics??

love, scout

  1. laura said:

    my “tuesday topic” is “tattuesday”!

  2. Jensie said:

    That is hilarious. Every year on Thanksgiving after dinner my family would all pile up on the couch and watch Christmas Vacation. My dad knows ever single line!
    When we all started moving out and getting places of our own, that first Christmas my parents would give this movie as a gift. Now husbands/wifes and kids have all gotten in to the tradition. ;)

    • That is awesome! We do the same thing. This year, my stepmom wouldn’t let us watch it though. My dad had already made her watch it twice before we got together. haha

  3. chelsea said:

    everyone thought i was weird for liking spock better than captain kirk!!

    • Weird?? What?!? No, you’re awesome. haha

  4. vivianna said:

    I love Christmas vacation sooo much!

    • Me too! Let’s watch it when you visit next. haha

  5. MJ said:

    “clark, is your house on fire?” “is this the airport, clark?” “don’t push me down clark!” “is rusty still in the navy?” “is this house bigger than your old house, clark?”

    aunt beverly is my favorite!!! but my all-time favorite line from the movie is:

    uncle eddie: “surprised to see me, clark?”
    clark: “eddie, if i woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, i wouldn’t be more surprised than i am now”

    bahahahaha…my favorite christmas movie everrrrrr :]

    love you and hope you and will have a very merry christmas!

    • YOU ARE AWESOME!!! I love that line too! I also love the part where:

      Aunt Bethany: “What’s that sound? You hear it? It’s a funny squeaky sound.”
      Uncle Lewis: “You couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant.”

      Oh! And:

      Ellen: “Oh Aunt Bethany, you shouldn’t have done that.”
      Aunt Bethany: “Oh dear, did I break wind?”
      Uncle Lewis: “Jesus, did the room clear out, Bethany? Hell no, she means presents. You shouldn’t have brought presents.”

      hahahaha Beautiful movie. Simply stunning. ;-)

  6. Biscuit said:

    I just watched Christmas vacation for the first time this week and it’s awesome! :]

  7. Kelile said:

    Ha. I just wrote on my blog about how I hadn’t seen this movie yet this year and needed to (Xmas tradition) and then it came on TV last night. Crazy!!! I absolutely love that movie. Fave part: when Clark freaks out after he gets his “bonus”. It’s so random and just hysterical.
    Here’s to hoping your Christmas is nothing like the Griswalds!!! haha Merry Christmas!

    Oh and possible suggestion for Tuesday posts: Q&A? Tattoo post? Post about you and the bf (giving others advice or just letting us single folks read about something beautiful & magical– hey we gotta live vicariously through someone!!!!) ha.

    • Haha Great suggestions! I will definitely do all of these for sure!

  8. efratkashat said:

    hmmm… which movies are those? I don’t think I know them…

    I love Kelile’s suggestions – I’d love to read a Q&A post or a tattoo post, and of course – a post about you and the boyfriend! And some other suggestion: childhood memories; favorites: favorite color, favorite books, movies, food, place, artists, websites, etc; working at RVA; things you make; quotes you love… more quirks… hahaha ;)


    • Thanks so much for the suggestions! That movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It is SOOOOO funny! :)

  9. Kira said:

    Haha I know! Zachary Quinto is so gorgeous and all my friends liked Captin Kirk and I was like “noo way! Spock!”
    And my friends thought I was werid for getting all excited to see Leonard Nimoy duirng the movie (original Spock). And I recited the thing at the end. What can I say..I watch the Star Trek tv shows :)

    • Haha I know who Nimoy is! I have watched the shows since I was little. I used to watch them with my dad all the time. :) I am glad you are on board!

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