Thank You, Elsie!

Elsie gave me an Instax 7s tonight when we went out for sushi. Can we say best Christmas present in a loooooooong time?? So excited! We’ve already taken a few photos already. I will show you all later.

In other news, I cannot finish all of the holiday cards this year. There were just too many and I couldn’t keep up after I got hurt. I promise to write you all letters in the next couple months. That is the best I can do, though. :-)

Well, I am off to get cards ready to mail tomorrow for those who sent me cards. Will and I are watching The Darjeeling Limited. Tonight is soooo good!

love, scout

  1. hellosweetworld said:

    Um, jealous…hehe. I want one!

    • Well, you should really ask for one for Christmas if it’s not too late. They are awesome!

  2. How exciting! Katie loves hers soo much more than I thought she would and I’m sure you’ll enjoy yours just as much.

    • Yes! I already love it SO much! We will have to play dueling instax when you guys visit again. ;)

  3. Katja said:

    i just looooove my instax and i am sure, you do, too <3 great to receive it as a gift <3

    i hope, you are fine and wanted to wish you a merry christmas. :) i will be on vacation and won't be online for 5 days. (omg, i don't know how i will survive :P)


    • Merry, merry Christmas, love! I hope it is wonderful! :)

  4. vera said:

    Pretty instax, you’re gonna love it :)
    I have one too and i’m lovin’ it sooo :)

    Wishing you lovely, warm, cozy and magical days!

    XO. Vera

    ps if you are not gonna make it with your cards, just make it new years cards… with the best wishes ;) just a thought ;)

    • I am actually working on New Year cards. haha I hope your holidays are wonderful!!

  5. Coralene said:

    What an amazing gift! What a little sweetie pop.

    Do you love Darjeeling? I didn’t so much, the first time I saw it, but it’s really grown on me. I felt guilty at first because I adore all of WA’s films usually, and I was disappointed that this one didn’t get to me as much, but now I think it’s fantastic!

    • Yes! I loved Darjeeling! It is a favorite!

  6. Tattoos are sweet!
    So jealous about the camera!!!
    Fun times!!!
    Hope this Christmas holiday is grand for you and Will!


    • Thanks so much! I hope the holiday is great for you and your family as well. :))

  7. jamie said:

    Yay!!!! That’s awesome! An Instax is definitely at the top of my list to buy after the holidays for myself. ha! (Or I’ll say Brian will buy it for me since we’re not getting each other anything until after Christmas.)

    • Yeah, Will and I really didn’t get anything for each other except to go get tattoos together and to go on a trip to CO. We are sooooo excited! I hope you get one! They are wonderful!!

  8. TiphanieFaith said:

    I heart my Instax! Lucky girl to have such a sweet friend. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!

    • Yes! She is THE BEST! Have a beautiful Christmas!!

  9. elsie said:

    YAY!! i’m glad you love it. i’m sure it loves you too. XO

    • Yes! The best kind of gift… one from a friend. :)

  10. Leslie Dutton said:

    Ok, how did i miss that….how did you get hurt?! Hope you’re alright, Sweetie! Elsie Claus was good to you! :) Merry Christmas!


    • I don’t know actually. haha I woke up and couldn’t move. So, I have been bonding with the pain relievers and heating pad all week. haha

  11. amy lapi said:

    omg what a great gift.. i got mine yesterday and i am OBSESSED already.

    • Yeah… I’ve already used like 3 packs of film. haha

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