Almost Two Years…

Will and I have been dating almost two years, and he has been saying he wants a tattoo pretty much the whole time. Thursday night, he received his first tattoo. Naturally, I had to join in on the fun!

We took photos while getting our tattoos (and took plenty this weekend) but I honestly haven’t had time to edit them. While we were in Joplin celebrating Christmas with my family, we asked my dad (also a lover of photography) to take a photo of us with them.

It turned out beautiful! I am so happy that our tattoos just happened to look good together! We didn’t plan on matching tattoos or anything. We just both have a passion for photography. This photo serves as a reminder of the time in our lives we started pursuing some big goals together. This is also the first of hopefully many, many “couple” photos. I love Will very much. We are in this together now, and I couldn’t be happier. :-)

  1. skunkboy said:

    I LOVE this picture! Oh, and I love you guys. Your tattoos are beautiful. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • Thank you! Us guys love yous guys. The end. :)

  2. Lindsay said:

    Awww so sweet :) that photo is awesome, the tattoos are awesome… you guys are just awesome!

  3. i already commented on your flickr pic, but i just had to say here how happy you two make me. your love for each other, and passion for your dreams is incredible, and incredibly inspiring.


    • It’s really inspiring to us as well. I never dreamed of love like this. I have truly never felt more blessed. :) Thank you. I am happy that we can inspire others as well. :)))

  4. MJ said:

    love them! :]

  5. janel said:

    1. I love the tatoos so much
    2. you two are such an inspiring couple and I am so blessed to call you both friends :)
    3. this pic is awesome
    4. you two are going to go so far with your passion

    • Thanks, Janel!
      1) We really love our tattoos and love that they go together!
      2) We inspire each other which is the coolest! It’s nice that people find us inspiring. We hope to inspire people always. We also hope to ALWAYS call you a friend. :)
      3) This photo IS awesome! I love that my dad has a camera and has loved photography longer than I have been alive. I want to go on photo journeys with him. How fun would that be?!?
      4) I hope you are right. Oh my! How I hope you are right.

      I love having sweet, sweet friends like you. I am truly blessed. :)

  6. Jamie said:

    This pic is freakin’ awesome! I love it!!!! And I love your tattoos!!! I’ve got the feva again too. Next up is matching anchors with Brian. Then i also have another one I want. You two are perfect together. So inspiring! =) Can’t wait to see what this year holds for you two! Love you! xoxo

    • Thank Jamie! I can’t WAIT to see your matching tattoos. It’s cool that we inspire each other. :))

  7. amy lapi said:

    why do i have tears in my eyes… just when i’m about to give up on love, i hear from you. this photo is my f.a.v.e.

    • Aww, sweetie! Never give up on love. I am serious! I know it is a hard beast to understand and even harder to come by the good stuff. It is so worth holding onto the dream of finding love, though, because once you find it, you feel stupid for ever thinking it wasn’t coming to you. Granted, not everyone finds that love, but I believe that almost everyone will in their lifetime. Don’t go searching for it, though. Let it just happen. It’s more magical that way. :)

  8. laura said:

    i’m a new reader, and i love this picture! your tattoos are lovely. i love how they compliment each other but don’t exactly match. best of luck to both of you, but i doubt you will need it!

    • Oh thank you! We need all the support we can get. And we LOOOOVE feedback from people whether positive or negative. I’m excited that you like our tattoos. We loved that they ended up kind of going together. :)

  9. Jamie said:

    super cute!!! i loveee them & how they don’t match but they go together. adorable!!!
    i’m counting on getting my first tattoo in january….eeeeepp!!! i’ve been talking about it for about 2 years now…so it’s time to step up to the plate…

    • It’s fun getting them. I think it is good to take your time though, so you know it is what you want. :)

  10. Emilie said:

    Oookay, okay. First, I wanna say that the tattoos look awesome, and this is a great photo <3

    And second, I have been waiting all day for someone else to ask this, but no one did. I guess because I'm the only dummy who doesn't know…
    What does his tattoo mean? I assume it's some sort of setting for a fancy camera? (ie: the kind I've never touched…) but maybe I'm totally wrong… I feel clueless =P

    • Will describes his tattoo on his blog. :)

      Thanks so much! I love our tattoos so much!

  11. These tattoos are absolutely amazing you two! I’m so happy for you (and insanely jealous as well). Katie and I have some tattoos we’ve been wanting to get done for at least 6 months but haven’t gotten around to due to family – really hoping to do them in January!

    I wasn’t sure why Will had chosen the exposure and f-stop he had for his, but Katie explained how it’s his general starting point for any setting which is really cool to know.

    I hope that you two have countless years of joy in the many years to come. You really are the cutest couple we know!

  12. omg so fun!!! They look awesome, and you guys are adorable. :)

  13. efratkashat said:

    Such an adorable photo, and your tatoos are so cool! You are so sweet:).

  14. saw this on tumblr and almost died. it’s so perfect.
    didn’t realize it was YOU and WILL until just now.
    you two make me smile tons. [:

    • Aww… where did you see it? Send the link please. :)

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