Tell It On Tuesday, Week 6

So, I have quirks. I mean, BAD ones. They are better than when I was little (because they have to be) but I still think I need help at times. haha I’ve listed a few things that make me go crazy!

1. Light switches that aren’t facing the same direction. Grr! I can’t stand it.

2. Stepping on cracks. I can’t remember a time where I didn’t freak out inside when I caught a glimpse of my foot over a crack. ESPECIALLY if I can feel the cracks under my feet (**shudder**)!

3. Will just recently brought to my attention (recently meaning like only a couple weeks ago) that I avoid stepping on lines the same way I do cracks. I didn’t even realize! Now that I know, I can’t stop. He likes to play a little game where he bumps me onto lines, cracks, and other similar groundworks while we are walking. I freak out almost every time.

4. Shadows were a big problem, too, when I was a child. I was so scared to step in them. I don’t mind so much now. I basically look like this a lot when walking to and from…

This is probably why I am always getting hurt, no? ;-)

5) During meals, I have to eat each food item separately. I mean, with pastas and stuff, I am fine. Everything else? Just one at a time. Also, if I start on, say, the chicken… I can’t just stop eating the chicken, move to green beans, and back again. That freakin’ is impossible! haha

So, that is me: the OCD freak with an overly-dominant weird side. I mean, this post barely scratched the surface. I didn’t want to overwhelm you all and send you screaming. haha I do hope you all still like me, but if not… you can SUCK it! ;-) Not really, but I don’t care for others’ approval as much anymore. I finally like me and am accepting the fact that I am way different than the “normal.” I just wanted to let you all know I am a little crazy so the other crazies out there feel welcome. :)

I am loving this sharing thing! What quirks do you all have?

love, scout

  1. amy lapi said:

    cute idea E! i love little quirks. i’m going to start a list of some of my own. i can’t really think of many, but i bet my mom could. ;)

  2. I’m the same way with my food. I usually eat in a circle. I also have a lot of weird texture/sound issues. The way some paper feels really gives me the heebies. Or the sound of pencil to paper. Or someone dragging their fingers along a wall (even lightly), or really the sound of scratching on anything. Or the feel of chalk (ew!). Or the sound of erasers erasing that chalk. That’s why I haven’t fallen pray to the latest chalkboard trend.

    Hm, I sound like a freak. lol.

    • Trust me, you don’t. I hate the feel of the pill bottle cotton. And the way fingers feel when they are dry or have chalky anything on them. I hate the sound of chewing or drinking. I could go on and on and on… so don’t worry. haha

      • Ick! Pill bottle cotton!!! The worst!

      • I’m glad we can agree on that. :)

  3. JenCoen said:

    I’m the exact way with eating food on a plate, one at a time and can’t move from one to another and back. No way jose!!
    Also, I don’t like my food touching each other.
    I absolutely can not stand when there is time left on the microwave timer (clear that sucker!!)
    And when I go to bed I have to rub/move my feet on the bed the same number of times for each foot to help calm me down.

    Yeah… I’ve got a few… hehe

    • I move my feet when I get tired but I don’t think I rub them. I am happy to hear there are so many other people out there with quirks!

  4. MJ said:

    ok so, one…loving the teal nail polish :] has it grown on you yet?

    two, i have some of the same quirks! i’m the same way about eating food items, but kind of irregularly. like, some days i’m ok with going back and forth, but other times i CAN NOT DO IT. i have to do them one item at a time. i’m also the same way about light switches. another thing about switches that bother me is when there are two separate switches for the same light in a room or hallway and when the light is off, one of the switches is flipped up. it drives me nuts. i’ll go back and forth between the two switchplates fiddling with them until both are flipped down and the light is off.

    hehe. so you’re not that weird afterall. or maybe i just am. oh well, at least you have some company :]

    • That nail polish is actually really cheap so I took it off and gave it to my sister.

      I do the same thing with the light switches! yay! haha

  5. MJ said:

    and i also have texture issues…i HATE the way a tissue/kleenex feels in my hand…ew! gosh, i could go on for days….

    • Yeah, I hate the pill bottle cotton. haha

  6. emlear said:

    Haha, I loved your post today! One of my quirks, is that I can not fall asleep without rubbing my feet together first to keep them warm. Haha, I am basically a cricket! :)

  7. Carol said:

    My mom does the same thing with food! And I get goosebumps and shivers when I touch velvet or squeeze real cotton balls. fake ones don’t bother me. I’m getting goosebumps writing this!

    • I’m the same way with the cotton. (shudder)

  8. Nikki said:

    One of the things that I didn’t discover until the last few years is that I hate, hate, hate the self checkout option. And of course my best friend that I go shopping with all the time secretly wants to be a checkout clerk and always wants to self check out.

    I also have to use a pen or highlighter until it runs out. If I lose it I’ll search for hours for it instead of just grabbing another one. My mom bought me like one 16 pack of pens for high school and it lasted the whole time. Haha, I could go on but I don’t want to scare you either.

    • Haha you won’t scare me. These little quirks with everyone only makes me love you all more. Seriously!

  9. Casey Carroll said:

    This was a realization for me. I do EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE, except the shadow thing. Isn’t that wild that so many people do these little things and nobody will say it? Hope you have a great week with your sisters and Will :)

    • Yes! It’s awesome. I love that so many people are sharing in this post. It’s cool because people really don’t say anything on a daily basis. :)

  10. jamie said:

    Ha! We’re all a little weird. That’s why we’re the cool kids! ;)
    I’m the same way with food. One at a time, people.
    I’m also like Jen and hate time left on a timer. Put the clock back on!
    I could post a whole blog myself!
    P.S. Looove your photo titles. hehehe

    • :) Glad you noticed. And I am glad you are a little wierdo like me. :)

  11. If we didn’t have a little bit of weirdness than we would all be the same. That would make the world quite boring, which would not be any fun. Sometimes I go crazy if I can’t walk at an exact pace on sidewalks so that each foot steps in each square once and NO cracks.

    • Yep! I do the exact same thing. I almost run into things all the time. Ok, so you could take the almost out of that last sentence. haha I am always looking down, inspecting the ground for lines and cracks. Those brick sidewalks give me a freakout session!

      • Yeah. I also tend to lose fights with gravity on the crazy brick sidewalks as well. Scratch that, I always lose against gravity all the time. Stairs are the worst.

      • Haha we’d get along well.

  12. TiphanieFaith said:

    Too funny! I’m the same way about my food.

    “You can SUCK it!” — totally made me laugh. You’re soo cute!

    • Haha Yeah, Will told me to put a smiley face after that statement so people knew I was just joking around. ;)

  13. Emilie said:

    I am the same way, when I am eating. But, in addition to that… I can’t have any of my food touching. If parts of it touch, I will leave that part on the plate.

    • My good friend from high school is the exact same way! She has the same name as you, too. haha

  14. Kelile said:

    i don’t believe in “normal”. Normal seems too boring. Quirks make life more fun and most definitely more interesting! :)

  15. Leslie Dutton said:

    Let’s just set something straight: “normal” = booooorrrrinnngggg!
    Ok, so Jello-O totally freaks me out – way too slithery! Stray hairs on things make me dry-heave! I actually sometimes like to mix my foods together (gasp! don’t hate!). Glad to know that I’m not alone!

    • Haha You’re cute. I totally agree with you and welcome you to the weirdo club!

  16. i used to eat all the parts of my meal seperatly too, and I would save my favorite thing for last! But it was bad because I wanted the last thing most so I would eat beyond my appetite. Now I mix it up and feel better :)

    XO, Love you Erin!
    LA :)

    • You’re so cute! I miss you, like a lot! Love you!

  17. taylah said:

    I eat food just like that, though I think I annoy other people mor ethan myself with it =]
    I also hate feet. I don’t care about my own, but I could definetly not touch someone else’s, and I HATE people touching me with theirs… I’m just weird i guess , haha =p.


    p.s I told you a little while ago that I make pj’s, and have my own pyjama label. Wel, we got a brand new website! It still needs a bit of tweaking, and there is LOTS more to be uploaded into the shop, but I’d love for you to check it out!

    • Your site is adorable! And my sister is the exact same way about feet. :)

  18. You are definitely not alone on this one. My boyfriend can’t stand the sight of toes spread out, he doesn’t like me touching the tip of his nose and hates it when I touch mine. That little cartilage gap makes him think if you push down hard enough, your nose will fall apart. I know there’s a few more quirks he has but I can’t remember. I still accept him though, it’s those little things that make him unique and something I can freak him out with :)

    • I do the same thing with Will. haha It’s nice to know I am not alone. :))

  19. Lauren said:

    I freak out about my eyes and nose. I used to work in health care and passed out assisting with a feeding tube proceedure once…just because it had to do with putting the tube up through the person’s nose. I freak out when I have to put anything in my eyes. Def. won’t ever be wearing contacts. I had an eye infection a few weekends ago, and about NEVER got the drops in my eyes.

    I do the light switch thing too…and also I make sure my car is locked 15,000 times before going into where ever I’m going.

    I’m relieved to know I’m not the only wierdo out there. :)

    • Yes! You are definitely not. :) I hate putting anything in or around my eyes too.

  20. margot said:

    hahah! i can’t step on cracks either!
    and the yellow line on the subway for caution is a big big no no.
    i also hate glass elevators
    i won’t step on wood without socks on
    i won’t touch the weird cloth fabric on the inside of bus that’s near the window seats. drives me loony.
    i must wear a hoodie when on an airplane.
    um, i’ll think of more. i have plenty!

    • Haha yay! I’m glad you are in the club. :)

  21. Elaine R said:

    i have to take drinks of water in odd numbers.
    when I tap my toothbrush on the sink to get the water off, EXACTLY 5 times or I have to start over.
    I also Constantly organize store shelves when I’m shopping. I’ll stop and reorganize the greeting cards or things on racks etc.
    MUST have even amounts of deodorant on each arm.
    Very particular about ink pens.
    Everything in my life is in alphabetical or rainbow order by type.
    Yeah. haha

    • I have to have even numbers for everything. If it is an odd number, it has to be 7 or 9. Yeah.

  22. Liza G said:

    Hi Erin! I have the opposite OCD when it comes to food. I have a portions issue. If have to the right amount of food for each bite. For example, if I’m eating steak, potatoes and green beans, I have to have a little peice of the steak, a smidge of potatoes and a green bean on my fork. If I’m eating a hamburger and fries, I HAVE to have enough fries to go with each bite of my hamburger. Same goes with a sandwich and chips. Then of course there’s other oddities – like dried fruit. I can’t eat just drid apricots. I have to have them with the right amount of nuts. Cheese and crackers have to have the right proportions. I can never eat just a piece of cheese. It has to be sliced very thin. My family teases me relentlessly!

    • Aww yay! You are a part of the club! haha

  23. dawn said:

    he he, i still step over cracks myself. my weirdest quirk goes back to my retail days when i had to redo clothing racks and some of the racks were empty and the arms would stick out. i always felt like i was going to poke my eye out. now whenever i see a empty rack with the arms i freak out {just a little}. weird, i know. LOVE your blog; it’s lotsa fun :)

    • Thanks SO much for your comment! I love hearing about others’ quirks. It makes me keep in mind that we are all human. I think it’s wonderful. :)

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