My love.

So, my sister called today and asked if she could stay the week with us. I was like, HEEEEEEEEECK YEEEEEEES! haha On the way to pick her up from Kansas City, I edited some photos I took the other day of one of my most favorite people in my whole world. These were taken during a product shoot for our etsy shop. We were goofing around to try to take our minds off the cold.

Meet the boyfriend…

He’s cute isn’t he? ;) When Will isn’t goofing around, he is really trying to push himself to be a better photographer. 
He has some amazing talent and great ideas in the works. The best part is that he wants to share everything as he grows as a photographer. If you are interested at all or just want to get to know another rad dude (ha!), please head on over to his blog. He explains more what he wants to pursue in the near future. Please be a part of helping him grow. He certainly deserves every bit of opportunity he can get. I think there are big things ahead for him. Why not be a part of the journey? ;) Anyway, that is enough promoting for one evening. I just know that you all will love him (back off, sisters, he’s mine) if you follow what he is doing.

Alright, folks! Time for sleep for this little one. I want to have a fresh mind for the craziness of tomorrow. What will tomorrow bring for you? Do tell!

love, scout

  1. amy lapi said:

    awwww. this is so sweet! :) i love you guys already.

    • haha Well that is good. You should really follow his blog if you don’t already. Especially since you are interested in photography. He’ll teach you a lot. :)

  2. Jamie said:

    I have no doubt at all that big things are in the future for BOTH OF YOU!!!! You both are so stinkin’ talented!!! xoxo

    • Thanks, Jamie. That means so much! Especially coming from you. Love you!!!

  3. skunkboy said:

    Yay! Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllllllll. I love Will. He takes the best pictures. And so do you. <3

  4. Kim said:

    you two are so darn adorable! and excellent photographers too! love you both!!!

    • You’re sweet! Thanks so much! Love you!

  5. Vivianna said:

    he is very cute! he is an amazing photographer. You two are the BEST!

    • Well we love you. and miss you. and want to see you soon. the end.

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