Sunday Best, Week 6

Another week done! I am so excited to start this new week. This last week was fun! I got quite a bit accomplished like:

1) Baking Birthday cookies

2) Baking “Best Boyfriend EVER” cookies :)

3) Making lots and lots and LOTS of Holiday Cards

4) Sending goofy picture messages

5) Taking photos of a pretty girl for our etsy shop update :)

6) Take my first self portrait in the longest time!!! It’s nothing super special but fun enough. (I am thinking about starting to do it regularly.)

7) Getting my hair re-dyed!!! It’s not styled or anything but I love it!

So, it was another beautiful week. How was yours?

love, scout

  1. Vanessa said:

    What fun!!

    is that girl named Casey? It looks just like a girl I used to know. if it is, tell her Vanessa (Katie’s friend) says hi!! :)

    • Yeah, her name is Casey. I will tell her hi the next time I see her. :)

  2. Oh your cards look cute!

    LOVE the self portrait as well! You should really make that a daily, or weekly thing!


  3. mine was craaaaaazy busy but one of the best weeks in a long time! that trip out to see all of you girls was oddly exhausting and energizing at the same time.

    and, um, the darker red is GORGEOUS!

    • Thanks! The trip seemed both for me as well. I don’t know how I would be if weekends like that happened all the time. haha

    • Thanks so much! I LOVE your hair as well. :)

  4. skunkboy said:

    Cute. Loveees. Finger knitting soon. That’s all my energy- spent on you. <3

  5. amy lapi said:

    you are beautiful! in all your pics! and i want a cookie! ha

      • amy lapi said:

        ooh okay will do! i’ll hold you to that! :)

      • Sweet!

  6. Tyler said:

    A week of accomplishments! Mine wasn’t too bad either, thanks for asking! I took this awesome self-photo in front of the plane yesterday, with the sun setting behind the tail…but in order to create my profile pic on the blog I had to crop it. Unfortunately I accidentally clicked save and lost the original…ahhhhhhhhh! I hate wasting a great picture. Hope this next week is good for you too! (I’m jealous of those cookies)

    • Oh man! That stinks! I would bake you cookies but I don’t know how they would hold up. haha

  7. So I followed a link from a link and found your blog SLASH added you on Twitter. You are stinkin’ adorable, I’m pretty sure your whole life inspires me! At least you’re cute lil’ online personality does. ;)
    So! I just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration! I’ll probably be blog-stalking you for a bit if that’s okay…! Tehe. :)

    • Aww you are so sweet! I am glad that I am an inspiration to you. I believe everyone can be to someone else. It is a huge compliment. Thank you so much! I have your blog bookmarked. I promise to read soon. But I must sleep now. :)

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