(LOST) Fortune Cookie Friday, Week 4

What the effffffff?!?!?

I had THE BEST FORTUNE EVER tonight, but it mysteriously disappeared off of my bed this evening. I looked… and looked… and looked… and here I am, mourning the loss of my most favorite fortune. I don’t remember the exact wording but it basically said that I am supposed to remember 3 months from today because something great is going to happen. EXCITED!!! Wonder what it’s gonna be.

WAIT! Does the loss of the fortune make it void?!? Hope not. I am gonna say no. :)

In other news, We updated our etsy shop tonight!

Please go check it out. It’s the first update with something other than just prints. I am really excited about it. Let me know what you think! I am going to post a few photos tomorrow from the shoot I did the other day with such a cute girl and friend of mine.

What exciting things are happening in your world?

love, scout

  1. they look great, erin! i am glad you listed some of these–i was telling a girl about the rad one you made for janel and she almost knocked me over to get a better view of the photo. i will definitely pass along the word that you have some available!
    i was so happy to meet both you and will last weekend!

    • Thanks so much! It took me really long to get detail and everything down the way I wanted on each one. I am hoping to make them better and faster as time goes along. I was really happy to have met you as well. Hopefully next time, we will get to hang out more. :)

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