Tell It On Tuesday, Week 5 (A Little Late)

Basically, all I want to tell you is…

I absolutely love Katie and her family.

Aren’t they adorable? Katie asked me to take photos of Hope (her daughter) and her so she can give them to Johnny, her husband, for his birthday. It was so cold but they were both troopers and I think the photos turned out more magical than I even imagined!

So, there is another little fact. I love the Sheltons. You can see more from this shoot on Flickr. Thanks for stopping by. :)

love, scout

  1. JenCoen said:

    Seriously, one of the cutest photo shoots I’ve seen in a looong time… I absolutely love these photos… all of them!!!!

    • Thanks! I am really happy with them. I’m nervous for my next shoot. Want them to be even better!

  2. These are so great Erin! You are so talented!!! They are sooo adorable! What a wonderful shoot!

    • Well, Katie claims she is magic at times… so it’s believable. :) <3

  3. Jamie said:

    So magical & beautiful! You are brilliantly talented, my dear!!!

    • Thanks so much! Seriously. I am almost moved to tears from all the comments.

  4. Jamie said:

    i loveee these! seriously so great! come to houston & take my picture:)

    • Oh my gosh! I wish! You are soooooooooooooooooo (take a breath) ooooooooooo cute! I would love to take photos of you. Let’s make it happen somehow. I am being serious. :)

  5. amy lapi said:

    oh, why yes, this is the best photoshoot i’ve ever seen. thanks for asking! xo

    • Thanks for TELLING! Seriously excited you love them. :)

  6. Jeremy said:

    Well friend, these pictures are beautiful. veeery tim walker-ish my absolute fave photographer.

    i love. love. love. them. period.


    • That’s such a BIIIIIIG compliment! Thanks so much! I am really happy with how this turned out. Maybe when Will and I visit Canada some day, we will have to work together on a shoot. Sound like a plan? ;)

      • Jeremy said:


      • Sweet!

  7. Adele Chalker said:

    Magical is absolutely what these are. Gosh I wish I had a photographer like you at my dispense!!
    I love them – do you style the outfits too? – they are brilliant.

    lovey love love

    • Yes, I helped with Katie’s a little but little Hope dressed herself. She was our inspiration. :) I didn’t want to style them too much because I wanted this to be special for the Dad/husband. So, I wanted it to accent their personality and style a lot. Believe it or not, being with them in person is just as magical. :) Maybe one day I can visit you and we can play!

  8. efratkashat said:

    Wow! They are so magical and inspiring! So pretty!!!

    I want to do a photoshoot too some day… Need to add it to my looooooong to-do list… :)

  9. efratkashat said:

    Hey, I just looked at the photos again and noticed new details I hadn’t seen before! These photos are really really magical and gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing them with us :).

    • Well, you’re welcome… and thank YOU! :)

  10. Dorothee-Maria said:

    Oh, this shoot is so indescribable amazing.
    My heart nearly explodes in my breast, sayind with every beat:
    Oh WOW! OH WOW! This is so wonderful! I want that, too!!
    Really. Watching this shoot fills me with warmth allover.
    Although I don’t even know those gorgeous girls!
    I can’t wait my baby to be born in May or June, -it must be so wonderful to be mother.
    I can’t resist to say it again:
    I think this is a masterpiece.
    And from now on I will dream of you shooting me and my daughter someday aswell.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • If the time comes and you would still like for me to shoot, I would love to! Thank you so much for this comment. I smiled so big while reading it. :)

  11. oh WOW. these are stunning. very very whimsical and great little models!

  12. I saw these on Flickr yesterday…and I didn’t leave a comment. But the only reason was that I was SPEECHLESS! I absolutely love them…and it makes me want a daughter more and more! lol For now I settle with doing something similar to this with the boy (we need more pictures anyways, ha!)…just less girly, for his sake! :)

    • Oh I wish I could be your photographer! How fun would that be?

  13. margot said:

    erin i am BLOWN away. you need to enter these in a contest
    i am so beyond inspired by them!!!

    • I will leave the contest entering up to Katie. :) But I am really honored that you think it’s worthy of that!

  14. we absolutely love your tea for two photo shoot over here at 140fashion!
    to cute!

  15. ails said:

    Holy CUTE! This set is the cutest photos EVER! Made me want to start my own little family right at this very moment! ^_^ Katie’s family are truly adorable and i love to live in their magical universe too! ^_^

    • When you have a family, I will take your photos. :-D

      • ails said:

        ^_^ I’d love that Erin! Now, i have to learn how to put on some make up so i won’t look like a living dead in your photos. ^_^

      • You don’t know how to apply makeup? I can help! ;)

  16. erin,
    seriously this is the most fun session ever! so whimsical and carefree! I love the card playing shot… and the lil tent shot… and well i love them all!
    great job girlie!!!


    • Thanks so much! That means a lot coming from you. :)

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