Photo Booth Fun!

So, Will and I are about to watch Away We Go while doing some work. He is researching for the startup of our business and drinking some french press coffee. I am crocheting and drinking Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. It is a sweet little night for us. Plus, Will doesn’t work tomorrow so we get to sleep in together! :) We decided to be a little goofy and take some photos for you all.

We wanted to include you in a little bit. Hope you enjoyed our company. :)

love, scout

  1. Ok..that moose mug rocks, I’ll take one of those! :)

  2. Jackie said:

    love the mugs and these photos! you guys are too cute :)

    i love away we go! such a sweet movie!!

    • Yes! I think we want to buy it. We never do that! ha!

  3. My boyfriend and I saw Away We Go this summer and loved it – our favorite goofy part is with the mom that hates strollers. Such a funny character! I love the Starbucks Christmas cups this year. Cute pictures :)

    • I loved Maggie in this movie. She is one of my favorite actresses. So many amazing people in this movie. *sigh* love…

  4. Diana said:

    Photobooth is so addicting. Whenever I babysit my niece, she gets bored and gets rowdy easily, but Photobooth can be hours of fun for kids (and adults!)

    • Yes! I play with my niece on photo booth all the time!

  5. efratkashat said:

    I definitely enjoyed your company!! Such a fun post :).

  6. skunkboy said:

    Come to Chicago now. Like, seriously. Now. Go. Do it.

    P.S. Away We Go- totally on my Christmas list. I looooooove it.

    • I wish, friend! I want to play in the snow with you!!

  7. Kim Sunday said:

    I want to come and stay with you guys for a few days again! We need to figure it out. Sometime in January or February! Prob Feb.

    • We definitely need to make a new etsy banner so that would be great!!

  8. Cute… wish i had photo booth! too fun! have u thought of any ideas about playing with cameras when i get back in town??

    • Actually, a little but definitely not enough. I hate being busy!! When are you back in town again?

      • Ya I completely understand on the busy thing! I have finals and reviews for my boards till the 21st. But then I will have a few weeks off and will be in Springfield for most of that time!

  9. Rachell said:

    Dan and I watched Away We Go together too. Such a sweet film. Hope you had a great night.

    • Thanks. It was pretty good. Glad you liked the movie too!

  10. How I looove the moose mug <3

    I have to own one. Or mabye two… Three?

    Cute photos of you two =)

    • Thanks! We got the mug at Starbucks. Definitely one of our favorites now.

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