Fortune Cookie Friday, Week 2

Black Friday sucks. Sorry if I offended anyone by that statement, but it is my true opinion. The first part of this post may be a little negative but I promise it gets better. :)

I spent a good bit of the day with my sister while she shopped for Christmas gifts. I was ok for the first couple stops. Then, we went to Toys R Us. I was pretty calm for the most part; however, 30 minutes into the browse, I was losing it. Luckily, we made it out of the store without me harming anyone. Next stop? WALMART. When she said she wanted to go there, I literally thought, “Kill me.” On the way back to her house, we had to stop at Sam’s to order some prints for her. I made it almost to the door and then I gave a bit of an attitude to a couple people in front of me that stopped as I was trying to walk out the door (I hate that.). I guess I had just had enough. I felt bad after I thought about it later… but it was just that stressful out there today folks.

Anyway, this leads me to my fortune for this week…

“A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains.”

Hmm… Can we say this one stung a bit? haha At least I felt bad about being a little mean. Right?

On a lighter note, I did make some prints for the sis from when I took family photos for her. I couldn’t believe how good some of them looked in print! It made my little photographer heart happy. :) I am getting more and more ideas for shoots and starting to actually look at this more professionally. It is an exciting thing for me! I have a few photos I would like to show you… but I can’t. At least not right now. Soon though… promise. ;-D

My Thanksgiving Day was great! I spent it in Joplin with my Dad, stepmom, and three of my sisters. The boy was there, of course, and took photos (duh).

My sisters turned 23 on Thanksgiving so that was fun. :)

My favorite baby girl (and her Daddy) made an appearance as well. :) It was quite the beautiful day.

What did you all do the last few days? :)

love, scout

  1. Coralene said:

    Ooh, I like your new header, it’s very pretty! Your little mister is sure talented isn’t he.

    Black Friday is the worst. My husband and I went to a tiny party at his boss’s house but we were on our way home around 9PM (I’m not really much of a party animal)- there was already a line all the way around Best Buy! I just don’t get it. I can’t imagine wanting something SO badly that I’d camp out for it.

    Well, at least not anything from Best Buy. Maybe like, Coachella tickets or something.

    • yes, he is talented!I’m not much of a party animal either. I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I read through a few of your posts tonight. Your daughters are beautiful!! :)

  2. Jamie said:

    That’s how I get when I’m out in the public too. Not just Black Friday. Ha!

    I’ve had a peaceful time at home since Wednesday night. Well, as peaceful as it can get with 3 rowdy boys running around but still better than the crowds at the stores. I’ve always went Black friday shopping but didn’t think I could handle the noise and crowds this year. So I stayed home and have been making things!!! (Including a new blog header if you could check it out and let me know your opinion or suggestions!) ;) I want to get some more making done today! Last night Talisha & her boy came over and we drank a bottle of wine and played cards and laughed a lot. Good times!!!

    Can’t wait to see you in less than a week!!!!! Have a wonderful day, beautiful girl!!! xoxo

    • Oh my! I L O V E your new banner!! I really, really do. I am so glad to hear you had a great weekend so far. You really deserve it, girly. Can’t wait to see you too!!

  3. Kim Sunday said:

    Haha, its okay Erin. You’re only human. :o)

    Love the photo. Good pick. :o)

  4. Carol said:

    haha I get too stressed in crowds. There is no way I could make it out on Black Friday. My husband got up at 4:30 to shop. I stayed at home in bed! haha!

    • Your HUSBAND?!? Wow! Well, I am glad you avoided the craziness. :)

  5. Jamie said:

    i’m not into black friday at allllll. bleck. you’re a brave one:)

    • i am brave, aren’t i (puffs out chest in pride)? ;) kidding.

  6. amy lapi said:

    oh boy.. sounds eventful… i went with my mom to a few stores on black friday– it wasn’t that crazy here on long island.. but i spent most of this week making gifts! it was awesome :) :)

  7. meohmyoh said:

    Nothing like being around people consumed with goods and materialism to start the Christmas holiday out right.

    I ventured into two stores that day that weren’t too busy. My Wal-Mart peeve is when people walk in the middle of the driving lanes in the parking lot and make you go 1 mile per hour apparently wanting to show off their [usually] fat booties.

  8. Ails said:

    Hello Erin! I am so glad you’re still in one perfect piece after the sale. ^_^

    i checked out your love’s blog and i think you’re both so sweet and amazing. your little online love notes for each other are so contagious. ^_^

    • aww thanks. We do love each other a whole lot. :)

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