Sunday Best, Week 3

So, it’s been a good week!

I received lovely bathroom mirror messages from the best roommates!

I found love in the most unexpected places.

I made wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags… all out of stuff around the house!!

I enjoyed great movie time with my favorite dinosaurs. :)

Best thing of all… I GOT MY BUSINESS CARDS!!! :D :D :D :D

I have so many more things that I started planning this week… but I can’t say anything just yet. Be watching though!!

love, erin

p.s. I still want to send out Christmas cards. If you want one, email me [erinsunday3.5 at]!

  1. amy lapi said:

    i love your photos! what a lovely week :)
    that’s a good blog tradition.
    love your business cards. :)

  2. omg. how CUTE is that mirror message?? now that song is running thru my head. :D

    so happy that you have happy exciting things coming up!!
    can’t wait to hear.
    because i’m nosey.
    and excitable.



    • I know! It’s been playing through my head for sooooo long! And don’t you worry. I will tell you soon enough. ;)

  3. hellosweetworld said:

    Yes, song is in my head too now. Hehe. And i can’t wait to see what big plans you have!

    • It’s horrible isn’t it? You know, the song AND not knowing my plans? haha

  4. Kim Sunday said:

    oooo, can’t wait to rip open that gift!

  5. Kim Sunday said:

    (although I’d like to keep the pretty wrapping that way for life)

    • I told Will you’d want to keep the wrapper. ;)

      • Kim Sunday said:

        ah geez

  6. margot said:

    the messages are adorable! and i want a xmas card!!!!!! :-)

    • Email me lady! erinsunday3.5 at gmail. :D

  7. ails said:

    Hi Erin! I’m so glad you had a lovely week! ^_^ Your roommates are so sweet. and you are so creative with the wrapper. and i love your business card too!

    i do not know the song on your mirror but i am excited to hear your plans for this week! ^_^

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