Fortune Cookie Friday, Week 1

Hey folks! So, let me tell you a little story…

The other night, Will and I were waiting to enjoy some very delicious Chinese food when we decided to open our fortune cookies. Yes, we were bad and had dessert before dinner. Whatcha gonna do about it? ;) Anyway, it sparked an idea to share fortunes on my blog. Of course, my first thought was to do it on Friday… and it’s Friday (in case you needed reminding)!!

This week, I am going to share the fortunes we received that night. I got two in one! It was awesome!

So, kids… be nice and be real. ;)

Why, thank you!

So, Will only got one fortune…

heh heh. His fortune came with a bit of an attitude!

So, there are our fortunes for this week. Your thoughts? Talk among yourselves! ;)

love, scout

P.S. A little side note: I have had a few people email me requesting my address for holiday cards or wanting me to participate in a holiday card exchange. I am so in love with this idea… and yes, I am totally copying it! I know it’s not an unknown thing by any means, but I felt the need to admit I got the idea from someone else. ;) So! All of you who would like to participate in a little holiday card swap this season… Email me [erinsunday3.5 at]!! I really want to do this (I already bought the stuff to make my cards and everything). I love you all so much and really want this to be a tradition I start. :))))

  1. ails said:

    Nice fortunes erin. ^_^
    i think the holiday card swap is fun. but i might not be able to join you this year. :(

  2. Jamie said:

    So cute! I got a fortune yesterday because I HAD to have veggie egg rolls and crab rangoon during lunch. I’m trying to remember what it said. I left it on my desk at work…something about “searching within yourself and find yourself” or something to that effect. Way too much thought for my fortune cookie friday! lol

    Happy weekend to you!!!!!!! Count me in for the card swap!!!!

  3. hellosweetworld said:

    That fortune about the moon is too funny. Hehe. And i’m having a card swap too – sign ups thru tomorrow nite :) Count me in for yours too…hehe. I’ll email ya!

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