You’ve Probably Heard It Enough Today…

But Happy Birthday, Elsie! I feel so blessed to have you as a friend. And I get to work with you? Crazy! In some ways, I can’t believe I have really only known you for a little over a year. You definitely have brightened my life and inspired me beyond words (which is unusual for me). I love to sit and listen to all the ideas you have in the works and I love seeing you create CONSTANTLY. I didn’t know someone could be capable of making so many brilliant things! It has been a busy and challenging year for you and, frankly, I think you kicked it’s a**… Wait, I may have said too much. ;)

BOTTOM LINE: I love you, Miss Cake, and am so happy that this day has been a great one for you. You definitely deserve it and I hope this next year of your life is really the best one yet. :)

love, erin

P.S. For any of you who haven’t sent well wishes to her yet, do it here! :)

  1. elsie said:

    love you tooooooooo! thanks little pumpkin cake. XO

    • I love the names you gave us! By the way… KATIE is pumpkin cake. I am red velvet cake. Remember?? ;)

  2. ails said:

    ^_^ your names are so cute!^_^

    It’s wonderful to have so many friends around you. much more with creative friends like Elsie and Skunkboy. ^_^

    • Yeah, Katie and Elsie are amazing! I am really blessed. This is the first time that I have had really good, consistent friends in a long time.

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