Tell It On Tuesday, Week #2

This Tuesday, I must tell you…

I looooooove books! I think they are so pretty!

When I was a kid, I was reading all the time!

I hope one day to be able to fill my house with books!

Well, I hope I can at least have a room to read in. ;)

*sigh* Doesn’t it just look like a dream??

My favorite book as a child was Anne of Green Gables. I loved her wild imagination. I related to it in a way most children wouldn’t. I felt as though we were the same person at times. I also loved her red hair but thought I would never be so lucky… ;)

As I got older and was introduced to more literature, I found that another favorite would be added. To Kill a Mockingbird became a regular in my hands and I think I have read that novel at least 15 times. It’s a beautiful story and I am absolutely in love with the little girl in the story, Scout.

She was the coolest little tomboy! So adventurous.

I thought it was precious the way that her father read to her and had amazing character.

I am sure you guessed it, but that is where I got the nickname I have. Sometimes, I remind myself of her and I have had others describe me in a way that is similar to little Scout.

So, there is a little fact about me that you probably didn’t know. I love this sharing idea I had! I want to keep sharing. What things would you like to know about me?

love, scout

  1. Jackie said:

    i love to kill a mockingbird!!!

  2. skunkboy said:

    Yes. Books are amazing. Hope prefers the book store over the toy store. She… is… AWESOME! :)

    • Um, YES! I think your little one might be one of my very favorite kids E V E R! Can I keep you guys?!?

  3. Jamie said:

    Gorgeous pics!

    I want to know all your other favorite things..color, movie, song, food….

    • Oh! Yay! Suggestions! I am writing them down… ;)

  4. ails said:

    Hi Erin! I’m a Librarian and i spent at least 9 hours each day and 5 days a week in a library. And yes i love books too! ^_^ i love To Kill a Mockingbird too. But my favorite books are mostly fantasy like The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson. ^_^

    Since you’re a bookworm, I’d like to know what is your ideal library. (*wink*) and i would also love to know all the things that keep you inspired like color, memory, movie, place, accessory, etc. etc. ^_^

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • My ideal library… is probably one hidden away in my home that only one person knows about. Of course, I would let my very best friends in on this beautiful place! And when you enter the room, you can smell the history behind all of the books! Don’t you find that books have amazingly distinct smell? I love it! My library would not have a phone, nor a computer. Just reading lamps, cozy corners, blankets (of course), and writing supplies so that I could create my own tale from time to time. It would be my perfect retreat. My own little world of endless possibilities!

      As for my inspirations… well, we will save those topics for future Tuesdays. ;)

      Thanks for the suggestions and for your beautiful comment!

  5. CorinnaB said:

    sooo love this post! Live for my books (and heels and lipgloss).

    I love the book tree. I couldn’t stop reading when I was young, and would have loved to lie under that tree with Lorna Doone or Wuthering Heights. Or Catcher in The Rye…

    • beautiful. :) i have recently found that I love heels and lipstick. The tomboy in me is feeling abandoned… ha!

  6. ails said:

    Perfect! ^_^ i don’t want a phone nor a computer inside my library too. Thank you for sharing a bit of your magical world. ^_^

    • No problem. It was really nice to share. :)

  7. Al said:

    Oooooh, I loved Anne too! And I still do ;)

    What a beautiful entry! And yes -do tell us about your favorite movies and music too! :)

    • Yay! Another Anne fan. :) I will tell about those things on another Tuesday. Soon, promise!

  8. Lehua said:

    i LOVED anne of green gables. and also, the box car children.
    i wish i lived their life!

    • haha that is awesome! Yeah, i have quadruplet sisters and so i was convinced of two things as a child: either i was adopted or my twin sister was somewhere out there, waiting for a home. that is why i loved anne with an e. ha. dramatic, eh? i was such a dramatic kid. i mean, i held full productions of stories i wrote in my living room quite frequently and hated the idea of sitting in front of a television. but reading and writing by 3 years old might have some effect. haha

  9. Rachell said:

    Hello fellow book worm. Just found your blog through Will’s. Glad I did. Love the shots you posted. I loved To Kill a Mocking Bird. I think at one time I owned at least 6 copies of it.

    • Wow! I just own one copy. I am glad you found my blog as well. Nice to talk with you. :)

  10. lalatika said:

    yay, i also read anne of green gables as a child – but in german, of course! ;)
    cheers from berlin,

  11. Kim Sunday said:

    you all are crazy. i hate reading!!! haha.

    • haha I know. But I love you anyway… :)

  12. thisismynewmoon said:

    I want a whole room for my books, too. It would be totally awesome.

    • oh yes! If you ever get one, I want to come over. :)

  13. efrat said:

    Such a pretty post!! Anne is definitely one of a kind! It’s amazing how she was always so happy and joyful, even though sometimes her life wasn’t easy at all.
    And To Kill a Mockingbird is so, so special, of course.

    What things would I like to know about you? Hmmm… anything you would like to share! :)

    Have a wonderfuk weekend!

    • Will work on telling you as much as I can! :) You have a wonderful weekend as well, lovely. :)

  14. amy lapi said:

    omg those photos are incredible—

  15. Vivianna said:

    o Kill a Mockingbird is my Fav book. I am a bad friends :( I need to start leaving more comments on your blog. I love getting comments, but I don’t get that many because I don’t leave that meaning.

    Love you Sunday!

    • Really? That makes me so happy we share that favorite. :) You are not a bad friend. You are a busy friend. I love you and am so lucky to call you a friend. I don’t get to comment on yours as much as I would like… so let’s call it even. ;)

  16. ahh! i loved anne of green gables–i climbed trees with that book in my hand.

    blog cheers to good taste.

    • Oh wow! I think that is the most adorable thing I have read all day. :)

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