Sunday Best! Week #2

This last week was definitely fun and full of changes! Unfortunately, I only have a couple photos because my memory card died and I lost all of the photos. It happened like this: I plugged in my card reader to my computer and tried to open a video. It gave me an error saying there was a disk error. So, I put the card back in my camera and tried to look at the videos on it. When I turned it on, there was nothing there. I even tried looking at it on the computer again. Nothing. :( Luckily, I took some photos with my iPhone. :)

I guess the beginning of my week started slow. Nothing really photo-worthy I guess. Ha!

woah!Thursday rolled around and I went to Camdenton to visit this lovely lady and get my hair dyed red.

this sums us upI loved how it turned out! This is the color I have wanted my hair for years! Later in the evening, back in Springfield, this boy-o took photos of me. They turned out great!

shootie shootThen on Friday, we had a lovely time modeling for the RVA winter photo shoot. There were a few others there. It was so much fun!

pretty please???Will found a hat made by my favorite little robots and was trying to get me to steal it from Elsie all night. I guess I know a good Christmas gift for him, eh? ;) Katie and her family, Will, and I went to Mudhouse after for a bit and enjoyed our favorite drinks there. They are always such fun! The rest of the weekend I have spent working.

loverlyTonight, I am watching Finding Nemo with my lovely sister, Jackie, and Will (of course). What are you doing right now?

love, erin

  1. i have to say i am loving the red hair. its pretty much the coolest, like you.

  2. MJ said:

    ok, well you already know how i feel about red hair, but i’ll go ahead and say it again…i love it, and i love it on you! a beautiful hair color for a beautiful girl! :]

    looks like you girls had a blast at the rva shoot…so jealous, i have to say :]


    ps, “oooo, you touched the butt…” :]

    • Ha! You always make me laugh with your little quirky things you say. It’s good. :) I am happy we are friends. :-D

  3. amy lapi said:

    love your hair, dear! i can’t wait to see the stuff from the shoot… beautiful peoples!

    • Thanks! I can’t wait to see either! My makeup was rather dramatic with the hair so it will be cool to see. :)

  4. Kara said:

    you are so stinking cute!

    i am eating ice cream and avoiding going to bed. heck yeah.

    • mmm… ice cream sounds amazing! I am off to bed. Long week ahead of me. :)

  5. Sorry about your memory card! That sucks. =(
    You’re so stinkin’ gorgeous! I can’t wait to see your face in 18 days!!!!!!!

  6. efratkashat said:

    Your memory card died?! Oooooooo… not so fun… :(

    Finding Nemo? I haven’t watched it for such a long time… My favorite animation films are Toy Story I and Toy Story II, and Toy Story III is already my favorite, even though it’s going out just in June… :) Another favorite of mine is The Polar Express! It’s so, so pretty. I watched it today again and it’s so lovely…


    • I actually need to watch all of those movies. I have only seen the first Toy Story. :)

      • efrat said:

        NO WAY!!! You HAVE to see them. You HAVE to! :)

        They are my favorite movies + You’ve Got Mail.
        I suddenly found out today that Tom Hanks is in all of them :-O…

      • haha yes he is. I love You’ve Got Mail.

  7. hellosweetworld said:

    I love that color! New hair is fun. And it looks like you had a great weekend!

    Sorry about your memory card….but here’s to new photos and new memories!

  8. meohmyoh said:

    Just an FYI, memory cards actually retain the photos they store, even if they are unattainable through the usual methods.

    Someone I know who works with computers and knows many random things told me this. But there is a certain program or something you need to pull them off. Maybe you could research it.

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