Thank you, kind hearts.

Hey everyone! This post is dedicated to those who donated to help my sister and her family. She wrote a letter and sent it to me so that I could share it with you. She wrote:

Dear friends,

I wanted to write a thank you to anyone and everyone who has donated money to help my family in this difficult time. I seriously tear up when I think about it and especially when I think about the people who donated that didn’t even know us and didn’t ask any questions. You just wanted to help.
Several emotions come forward when I think about your generosity but feeling so touched is the over riding one. My family and I are truly touched beyond words can express. A much appreciative thank you to everyone. Thanks to you, we can start moving in the right direction and we can finally start to breathe again. You have no idea how much that means to us. God bless you! We will never forget your kindness, words of encouragement, or what you have done for my family. Thank you for all the prayers as well. They were definitely heard.

We love you and from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!!!

So, there you have it… We are all so grateful for you all. I am wanting to give something to those who gave to my family. I would love to give a free print from my etsy shop. Please email me [erinsunday3.5 at gmail] and let me know which one you would like! :) Also, for those of you who still want to contribute, we (a group of crafter friends) have set up a separate etsy shop to help raise funds.

I love you all so much. Thank you for helping. Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. :))

I thought I would end on a goofy note…

ah!… so here is a photo of me with one of my many perms. Scary, eh? I want those tights back!

love, scout

  1. amy lapi said:

    this is very sweet of you and your sis :) i’m obsessed with your perm, i’m printing that pic to bring to my hairdresser next week.

    • Haha if you really do that, you have to send me a photo. :)

  2. Katja said:

    me and my boyfriend are really happy that sending money helped a little bit :) that’s so so great! and i really think, the little one will be a fighter <3

  3. Jamie said:

    So sweet! So glad that it’s all starting to work out.
    And that pic of you is the best. I have MANY pics of me and a perm. My mom apparently thought it was the only way to go…either that or those foam pink curlers I had to wear every Saturday night before church on Sunday morning!

  4. Leslie Dutton said:

    The perm! Love it! Of everything I’ve ever done to my hair
    (mohawk(s), green, blue, hot pink…) never have I had a perm! And I was surrounded by them in the 80’s as a tween/teenager…go figure! Just wanted to say that I am so thankful that your family is “able to breathe again”…what a blessing! While I sooooo love all of your prints and appreciate your generosity, I feel kinda icky picking one. I guess cause I wasn’t expecting anything in return – you are so sweet to offer this! Your family’s story and the wonderful out-pouring of support, love and prayers really restores my faith! Have a wonderful holiday! xoxo

    • Aww, you are so incredibly sweet. I am glad you saw the beauty in this. :)

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