Castle in the Ozarks?!?

Yep! ‘Tis true. I had the pleasure of exploring it today with the coolest little girl I have met in quite a while. (The castle is actually in ruins due to fire damage… but really cool all the same!) She showed me the dungeon and we ran and hid from bad guys. Yep, they were the bad guys. Ha!

castlehikeIt was soooo pretty at the park! I couldn’t help but take some iPhone photos…

snap, snap… and I (of course) borrowed Will’s camera for a bit. :-D

nice moustache!After we were done exploring, we made out way back to have some fun and see a “real man!” ;) I seriously had the best time today. I needed this trip. I am pretty darn sure I have found one heck of a friend who has the most adorable family! Needless to say, I have a good reason to visit Camdenton quite often!

What did you all do this weekend??

love, erin

  1. skunkboy said:

    Whatevs. You guys are bad guys. I’m a perpetual good guy. It’s in my genes, I can’t even help it. So… suck it.

    P.S. I love you. ;)

    • You got me. I am bad. Super bad. But… you love me… so YOU suck it. ;)

  2. YAY! i love exploring. Nothing like just discovering new things and experiencing new sights of beauty on the weekend. :]

    I’m glad Will shoots Nikon! AWESOME!

    • Yeah, we both LOVE Nikon! I steal his gear every chance I get. :)

  3. Lígia said:

    Cute photos! Do you have a Elvis t-shirt? I love it!
    I cleaned my closet this weekend and didn’t finished yet, haha.

    • Ah, cleaning can be fun. :) And yes, that is an Elvis t-shirt. :-D

  4. Awww I love Hahatonka! One of my college girls lives across the lake from that park… she is so lucky! Such a pretty area!

    • She IS lucky! I love it there!! Will and I are going to go back to hike. :)

  5. amy lapi said:

    i love your photos! and beautiful weekends. xo

  6. MJ said:

    i want a castle!

  7. When we went to the Ozarks we somehow always ended up on the walking trail at Ha Ha Tonka. It’s a beautiful place but ridiculously hot in the summer, fall looks much better.

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