Wahoo!That’s right! Our Etsy shop, The Sunday Collective, is here! Please check it out. Will and I are selling photo prints and my sister is selling original art and art prints. Eventually, I will be updating with more crafty things. I hope you like it!

For those of you who donated to help my sister, I would like to give you a print for free. Please email me [erinsunday3.5 at gmail dot com] to let me know which print you would like. :) Thank you, again. :)

I figured that since I am promoting my own shop, I would let you know about a few other friends I absolutely love:

lauraMiss Laura – shop; blog

JamieMiss Jamie – shop; blog


Miss Vivianna – shop; blog

emjayMiss Michelle – shop; blog


Miss Katie – shop; blog

Now, this is just the first group of people I will introduce to you. These ladies are amazing! And not just because they make great stuff… they have such wonderful hearts. They all are sooooo beautiful! Please get to know them. You;ll be so happy you did. :)

Alright, well I think I have a date with photo shop this evening and then a cuddle date with the boy. I hope you have a fabulous night!

love, erin

p.s. oh! oh! oh! Tell me! What exciting things are going on in your life? I really want to know! And if you don’t know this yet, I reply to every comment I receive so please check back! :)

  1. MJ said:

    oh miss sunday…you are just too sweet (and cute) excited you *finally* unveiled your shop so i can go buy something now! :] i heart you very very much :]


    • I heart you! You are amazing! A favorite of mine for sure. :)

  2. janel said:

    oh yes!! I love your shop :) I am going to have to get the print that I have been DYING for forever of Will’s as my free print :) It is the blue texture one. love love love love it.
    love the shop.
    love your guts :)

    • Aww, I love you! I can’t wait to link you next week. Excited am I! And I already am planning on sending that one anyway. :)

  3. Jamie said:

    Yayyyy!!! Finally!!! hehehehe
    Can’t wait to see all the goodness that develops from your cutesy shop!!! You all are so talented! Congrats!!!

    P.S. Thanks for the shout out. And for using that goofy picture. ;)

    • You didn’t see the first photo I put on there. Muah hahahaha Thank you so much Jamie. Love you!

  4. Jamie said:

    I did see the first pic and I was just kidding! It made me laugh! You’re a nut. But I love you. Or, that’s why I love you. ;)
    I think I’ll just keep leaving comments over and over and coming back to see what you write. . .

    • Sounds good. Yeah, I thought about using that first one and I was like, nahhh… I will use one that shows she is really crafty and not just goofy. :)

  5. Jamie said:

    But it DID show that I can roll a ball of yarn like nobody’s biznass! HA!

    • Yes, and you did it all by yourself! Now, for tying your shoes. ;)

  6. MJ said:

    i liked the first photo of jamie that was up there :] it made me laugh out loud! haha

  7. hellosweetworld said:

    yay! I love finding new shops, especially photography since i’m a photographer too :) Congrats on the new shop and love all the lovlies above! If i haven’t checked them out yet, i certainly will now.

    • Yay! I would love for you to email me with your opinion of the shots. Feel free to give me pointers on photography too. I am like a sponge… haha

  8. Jamie said:

    hahahahaha…I love emjay too.

  9. Efrat said:

    Your shop is so lovely! Just Passing By is really, really amazing! Sun-kissed at Sunset is seriously breathtaking, I Spy Mr. Hopper has something so unique – at first it seemed to me so happy & cheerful but now when I look at it it suddenly seems a bit bitter… Marked is – well… I think I can’t find a proper word to describe it.

    Wow, it’s really really hard (impossible is more correct… :) ) to choose one favorite!!

    Wishing you lots & lots of luck!!

    • Oh, you are so sweet! Thank you so very much! :)

  10. Katja said:

    oh, erin <3 this is really great, love that shop!!!! (and the idea, of course ^^)

    i just started my first "real" job (you know, where you get paid very well etc.) and this is really exciting for me. also there might be some changes in my very private life soon…. and i'm not sure if i will like them or not. (don't want to tell too much about this because it's more about my boyfriend than about me ^^) but i'm sure, everything just happens the way it's supposed to. :)

    oh, and my blog is also becoming more and more "famous" and that really makes me happy <3

    • Wow! LOTS of changes!! I am happy you are excited about most of them. I am sure the ones you are a bit unsure of will turn out alright in the end. Thanks for the well wishes. I am excited about our little shop. :)

  11. amy lapi said:

    ooh, cool!! good luck..i love it already! :) xo

  12. taylah said:

    Wow!! I have just loooked at your brand new etsy, and those images are GORGEOUS!
    I have been scrolling through all the listings, trying to pick a favourite. But after looking through everything, I have dcided that is actually impossible. they are all utterly fantastic.
    I’m jealous of their awesomeness, erin.
    =] haha

  13. thisismynewmoon said:

    I get to see my boyfriend in 35 days. It’s 35 days too long if you ask me, but I am VERY excited to snuggle him.

    • Aww, that’s so cute! I hope these next 35 days go by super fast for you! :)

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