Coming Soon…

… some news about where these babies are located. ;)

Puddle JumperMarkedWherever You Go...Beauty Through PainKnock on WoodMr. HopperSun-kissed at SunsetOl' BlueSoon to be TiedI am actually really excited about these. They look better than I thought! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday. Mine turned alright for sure!

love, erin

p.s. If you are waiting on an email from me… it’s coming tomorrow. :)

  1. efrat said:

    Such pretty & amazing photos!

    But… one of them shocked me a bit – there is this scrapbook page by Elsie (Flannigan) that I really really really love (hmmm… actually, there are lots of pages by her that match this definition… :) ). It has ’24’ on it and I was always sure it was chipboard/wooden/metal numbers that she’d adhered to her page.

    But… the 24 on her page and the 24 in your picture is wayyyyy too similar. The same, I’d say :).
    Here is her gorgeous page:

    What’s going on? I have one guess, but I’m probably wrong…

    Have a great day!!
    :) :) :)

    • Elsie is one of my best friends. She and I work together almost daily, in fact. However, I have barely seen any of her older work. The photo in my blog was taken by me before I had ever seen (or knew of) her books before and so I don’t see anything wrong with it. I honestly had not seen the photo you linked when I took that photo. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have never thought it forbidden for two people to take a photo of the same place, item, concept. I am almost positive it is the same door because we both love Commercial Street and that is where the store is located. Her editing style is very different from mine and I have absolutely no intention of using this in any sort of scrapbooking venture, etc. So, I think we are safe here. :) I hope your day is great as well. Thanks for the lovely comment on my photos!

      • efrat said:

        No, Erin! No! You misunderstood me!!! I NEVER thought about it like that!!! I’m shocked by the idea of me trying to blame you for copying Elsie’s work or something like that! I never thought about it like that!!! I know you are Elsie’s friend and you work together – I got to your blog yesterday for the first time through a link on her blog!
        I read again my comment and now I see how what I wrote can be interpreted as I meant to what you think I meant, but it’s not!!
        I was shocked to see this ’24’. It’s so unique so when I saw it on Elsie’s page, I examined it very well, trying to understand what it was exactly. I was sure it was metal or wooden numbers that she’s adhered to her page and I loved it. Today I get here, find such pretty and inspiring photos, and then I suddenly see this unique 24! It was just so weird to me to see the exact same numbers and then I realized that it was just a photo on Elsie’s page and you both took a photo of the exact same lovely numbers.
        When I wrote “your picture is wayyyyy too similar” I really just meant to say that it’s exactly the same place, and the guess I was talking about was something else entirely!
        You wrote: “Coming Soon… … some news about where these babies are located. ;)”.
        I interpreted it wrong and the ‘guess’ was a result of my interpretation. I rather not tell you what it was because now I’m sure it’s not true + I’m afraid you’ll laugh at my stupid guess + it’s a bit long to explain what I was thinking + it’s quite late here right now (time zones…) + English is not my mother tongue and I don’t feel like writing another long explanation right now :). But please, please, PLEASE believe me it wasn’t a bad thing at all! On the contrary, I was thinking about a really good & *HAPPY* thing!!
        I’m sure all this ^ sounds crazy to you, and I guess I didn’t explain myself very well, but *please* believe me I never suspected you for anything! My comment and thoughts were extremely positive!!
        I’m really happy I got to your blog (thanks, Elsie, for the link! :) ) and I really really hope you understand I *NEVER EVER* meant to write anything that would hurt you or somethink like that! I comment to make the bloggers I love happy (unless it’s a comment to get a chance to win a giveaway, then I mostly think about my own good, not the blogger’s… hahaha ;) ), so I’m truly sorry if my comment annoyed or hurt you!!

      • Oh please don’t feel bad! I just thought I should clarify because I did interpret your first comment differently than you meant it. I was not angry, though. I just wanted to make sure I explained in case others read our comments and assumed my photo was not my own. I appreciate your explanation and I can assure you that I am not upset or annoyed at all. I am happy that you were able to find my blog (yes, thanks Elsie for the link!!) and we were able to connect. I hope we keep in touch. :)

      • efratkashat said:

        I surely hope the same :-) !

  2. hellosweetworld said:

    I love those yellow flowers against the sky! but all the photos are lovely!

  3. elsie said:

    love the red shoes one. XXOO.

    • Thank you! That was actually not my favorite one at first but now I really, really like it! Love it more every time I look at it. :)

  4. hey sweet girl!
    love the red shoe shot… i have 2 pairs of red shoes… one is solid red w/a lil bow (flats) and the other pair of flats are red and white gingham!
    anywho… i was able to use my RVA olive baby headband last week! Ill be sending you a photo soonish!

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