A Happy Halloween

This video made my whole week worthwhile. Miss Teagan was such a cute little bumblebee! I was sick most of this last week so unfortunately I don’t have anything really awesome to share. At least not right now. :)

erin likes to jum

I was able to feel a little more like myself last night. I ended up jumping on the bed a time or two… or five. Will even took a picture. haha Anyway, tonight is about business. I must get back to work so I can finally finish a project. I am excited about this one. Anyway, what did you all do for Halloween??

love, erin

  1. Danielle said:

    cahhh-ute tights!!! :) and i hope you’re feeling better!

  2. skunkboy said:

    That looks like soooo much fun! You invite me next time… or else… BWAAAHHAAAAHAAAA… xo

    • Now that… that is scary right there! haha Here is my open-ended invitation to you…

  3. craftyfox said:

    Jumping on the bed is fun…although mine would probably break! It’s not the strongest of beds! Haha.

    • Yeah, Will tried it but he was afraid he would break the bed. I decided to stop after he said something. haha

  4. skunkboy said:

    Honestly, my bed sinks in the middle from years of jumping on the bed and ruining the center springs! We have to face out when we sleep or we roll to the middle. Saying this makes me think it may be time for a new mattress… :D

    • Yes, I would agree. Then… we should find a secret place to stash the old mattress and go there and jump on it when we need a break from adulthood. :)

  5. Jamie said:

    Oh my goodness! Teagan is such a doll! You are so fun, Miss Sunday! We MUST hang out while I’m there in one month!!!! We took the boys trick-or-treating and then I made things while lying on the couch. I then fell asleep with a needle and fabric in my hand and proceeded to sleep 12 hours. (guess i was tired. ha!) I spent all day yesterday reorganizing my crafty room and moving a table in and watching 3 movies!! Our internet didn’t work all day which sucked but I got lots done without getting distracted. ha! I hope you’re feeling TONS better today!!!! xoxo

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