Sick Sunday

Sick Sunday

So, this Sunday, I am a sick Sunday. I lost my voice this afternoon and haven’t gotten it back yet. I have a lot of flu symptoms but I don’t have a fever yet. I think it may be a bad cold? Will is not feeling very well, either (As displayed in the above photo). Anyway, I am watching Evita and am loving it! Music really moves me and so musicals are definitely my favorite thing to watch. Say what you want… Evita is a brilliant movie and Madonna is one of my favorites! Antonio is hilarious in it as well. :)

I guess I don’t really have much to say, except a couple things. First, please come back tomorrow. I am planning on posting something in reference to the news I received the other night. Please, please aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thank you!

Also, please check out my boyfriend’s blog post. He has this amazing idea for a shoot and I really want this to happen. I am helping too! Please, please, PLEASE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!

love you all. for reals. erin

  1. i wish i looked that cute when i’m sick. :)

    • I cannot imagine how you could look anything other than cute, miss james. :)

  2. Danielle said:

    I’m sorry you’re sick chica! Get well soon!

    • oh yes, it’s a goal of mine! :) Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Ali Santoso said:

    So sorry to see you not so good Erin……

    wish you get well soon and really to know what suprised what will you write next ……:)
    honestly you inspired me from parts of your written……

    best wishes.

  4. Feel better!!! If anything, I use Quick Defense from Whole Foods. two capsules five times a day… It’s pretty awesome. Xxo

  5. craftyfox said:

    I hate being sick. That was me a few weeks ago and over this winter it’ll be me a few more times! Feel better soon x

  6. Haley said:

    I agree with James.. I’m not cute when I’m sick, either!
    Lucky duck.

    And yeah… Madonna is amaaazing in Evita!
    Colby and I cry every time we watch it. :]

  7. Lehua said:

    I’ve been MIA all week, but wanted to stop by and say congrats on the new blog. Added it my blog list and look forward to hearing about your adventures! :)

    & i LOVE evita. i cry everytime!

    • yay! Thanks! I’m glad I am not the only one who cries. :)

  8. HOpe you feel better soon! You’re still gorgeous when you’re sick!!

    • Aww, you’re nice to tell me such sweet, sweet lies. haha

  9. Vivianna said:

    I hope that you are feeling better. You look HOT in the photo ;)

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