I don’t have the energy to post anything really interesting tonight. H.O.W.E.V.E.R, I wanted to post something. So, there you have it. A photo of me and the coolest dog that ever lived. His name was Max(imus) and he lived up to the expectations that came with his name. Fight it all you want. You know I’m right. Just look at that photo. He’s so adorable and I… well I… well you just keep looking at him and we won’t worry about me. ;)

I am off to try this thing called slumber. I heard it’s awesome. Loves!


  1. will said:

    Yea, I miss that guy. He was the best ever.

    • He was. Best dog ever. I am so happy he was our first pet together. :)

  2. jeremy said:

    well that sleep is a tricky business let me tell you. . . me and it have a love hate relationship. ha!
    i haven’t found it yet tonight, although its for the best.
    loooove the blog.

    • Yeah, I have the same type of relationship with it, I am finding. :) Thanks! I left a comment on your blog the other day but when I went back to read it… it was gone. I must try again!!

  3. janel said:

    Max was a cutie for sure!! He was very lucky to have such great parents :D

    • He was amazing. Thank you. We tried to take care of him as best we could. :)

    • yeah he was the best dog I have ever met!!

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