Well, Hello There!


Welcome! I am so excited to finally be showing this to you all! (No, not the dinosaur… but isn’t he loverly??) To be honest, this is not my first blog. I tried this last year but it didn’t take. However, this time I believe I am ready for this.

I have always been a writer of some sort, ever since I first held a pencil at the innocent age of four. 20 years later, I sit with a Mac in my lap, trying to figure out how to make this feel comfortable. I find myself wanting to pick up my moleskin and continue this post in the secrecy of that black binding and those lined pages. I love the release I experience through the union of my pen and paper. There is something so intimate about writing. It is my one true outlet, where my emotions can roam free. That is why this is a harder transition for me to make than others. I am about to start a new habit of sharing my words with those who I may or may not know that well, the one act that makes me feel most vulnerable. However, there is an exciting facet to this that makes me intrigued just enough to make a decent effort.

So, here it is… A simple little blog, but mine all the same. Here, you will see into my world and the funny, scary, heart-wrenching and warming, all-beautiful moments that take place. In fact, many changes are occurring in my life and so this is the best time for you all to join in on the fun. Thank you for dropping in and being a part of the beginning. I sure hope you follow on the journey!

  1. Kim Sunday said:

    Looks good. You should make mine look good too….eventually…

    • Just let me know, sister! I am here for you in whatever. You’re my favorite! Well, one of four. ;)

    • Yesss! Thanks! I can’t take all the credit for the banner. Willard made it. I just helped design. We make quite the team. :)

  2. Ali Santoso said:

    Finnally you have finished it…:))

  3. yay yay yay!!! you & your pet dinosaur look so cute!
    can’t wait for more.


    • Thank you! He is my dream come true. Literally! I looked for a dinosaur that looked like him for years. Probably since I was about 6 or 7. Then, I found him one day at Silver Dollar City (theme park). Ha! Of all places!

      Oh… and there will be more!!! :)

  4. craftyfox said:

    Hooray! Can’t wait for more posts x

    • Thanks! My goal is twice a week, but I am hoping for almost every day. :)

    • Me too! And I love you! AND I can’t wait to see you!!!

  5. Yay! Very excited you decided to finally make a blog – can’t wait to start reading :)

    • Thanks! I am happy too. I am hoping to make it fun for you to read. :)

  6. Katja said:

    yay <3

    welcome back :D and i hope to be able to read moooooore from you <3

    • Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. Your blog is definitely a favorite of mine. :)

  7. Janel said:

    Yes! I am soooo excited that you have a blog now!! You are such a great writer ( I can already tell). I’ve added you to my reader yay!

    • Aww, you are so sweet. I am very rusty when it comes to writing so we will see. :) love you!

  8. MJ said:

    soooo excited! :] and can’t wait to read more


    • Sorry for never getting you the link. I am horrible. I am excited you are excited! Love you!!

      • MJ said:

        ok, so how cool is it that you can reply to each individual comment?!?

      • yes, I can! AND I WILL!!! :))

  9. margot said:

    ERIN SUNDAY!!! yayyyyyyyy. so happy you’re blogging!!!!! :-)

    • MARGOT MILLER!!! yayyyyyyy. so happy you’re reading!!!!!! :D

  10. Yayyy!!! I’m adding you to my blog list now!!! ;)
    Such a cute banner and an awesome pic with the dino!!!!

    • Thanks! Will did a lot more with the banner than I did. He is awesome at that stuff. My dino is so freaking wonderful. A best friend for sure. Thanks for the add. xo

  11. camilla said:

    oh, your banner is so cute! and i will totally follow your blog!


    • Thanks so much! My boyfriend helped with the banner. I’m excited that you are following! I will check your out for sure as well! :)

  12. i can’t wait for your journey erin sunday! it’s going to be amazing!

    • Thanks! I am glad that you are joining in on the trip. xo

  13. Leah J said:

    I am so happy that you now have a blog!! I miss you too too much!!

    • I miss you too! I wish I could see you and you were here. You should visit often… to the blog that is. :)

  14. taylah said:

    wow, can’t wait to see what comes next! I’ll be checking up :)


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